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Ocean People vs. Mountain People

So I recently moved from Houston, TX to north of Denver, CO. A friend of mine postulated that there are two types of people (mountain people and ocean people), and he firmly declared himself a mountain people. I find myself missing the coast, but maybe I just haven't adapted yet.

So what are y'all? Mountain people or ocean people?
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I would call myself a mountain person, but the ocean is cool too.
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I've lived here in Washington state since 2011. Surrounded by both mountains and ocean and I have to admit both are awesome.
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Mountain for me. Many more activities I enjoy are in the mountains vs. the coast. I also dislike the oppressive humidity.

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and i got my clam rake to prove it
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I'm 10 niles from the coast in the Santa Cruz redwoods
Pretty much the best of both worlds
Cant beat the Summer nights here,the coastal air creeps in about 6,cools down an easy 30 by midnight
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Mountains for sure.
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this what most people call it where i from. if you came from area where cold and have snow all time your are winterize person since your body use to living in cold. if your from area hot and humid or get no snow at all your summarize person. never heard called mountain and ocean people
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I wish I was closer to the Ocean. It seems to recharge my batteries everytime I'm there. As it is (here in the Capital District of NY) it can be a haul to good waves.

That being said, I can't stand the Jersey shore in the summer. So tired of all the bull****. Shoebies Go Home

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