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The WALZ gift - Shangri Llama

Early into the build some MCB genius came up with the name for Wally's shop: Shangri Llama. Right away this struck a chord with me. Imagine having been on the benefit of the receiving side of WALZ's generosity a coupe of times, and feeling powerless to return the favour. Finally I felt like a chance had been created for me to possibly give something back for Wally.

I think every work shop should have signage. Mine does, or it did, but Shangri-Llama deserves the BEST!

I searched the internet for inspiration, and decided to do 3D lettering with gold leaf, on a painted MDF base. I bought 3d letters for he whole sign, except the first S which I cut form some thin MDF. I painted, and worked, and put the sign together and was totally depressed by it... I ended up sanding the whole thing down and starting over, I re-cut all the store bought letters, to move them from bubble type serif-font, to a more appropriate shape. I decided to paint the Llama on a separate piece of MDF, so that if I wanted to change or there was an error, I could work on it separately. Eventually after some more work was happy enough to call it a success.

I brought this down to the USA for Slims game, where I got to meet Wally for the first time. He really loved it. He said it brought tears to his eyes. Now It is fairly big and heavy, and I hadn't considered that Wally had FLOWN to the game. Amazingly, MCB moderators took the sign and packaged and shipped it across the country to him. SO there was tons of love all around.

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That is truly one of the most badass gifts I've ever seen.
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Saw it in person!

Love it, you Mar, and Wally - always makes me smile when I see MCB'ers doing great things for each other.

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Got to see it in person as well. You did a really great job on it and it showed that you put a lot of love and time into it. People like you and WALZ are why this is such a great forum and community.
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Friggin' awesome bub, good on ya
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I nearly cried when Mar presented me with this sign...
My eyes got all moist and watery..

It's a incredable piece of art masterfully done....

Thank you again my friend... ( love you in a manly kind of way)...

Will try to get a picture of this art upon the wall today....
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here 4 the memes
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Great work on that!!
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That is pretty awesome
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Excellent work! Love seeing the in-progress pics too.
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I feel like I must make a Haj to Shangri Llama, and place some brass upon an alter.
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