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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
A custom Autococker is obviously a luxury item, there's really no point in comparing it to the 15 year old stock version.
I am comparing it based on the styling not the function

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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Am I reading that right? FF is starting off with a chunk of billet? Or are these still based on extrusions?
Yes, almost all of the parts are 100% machined in NY from billet 6061 aluminum. NO cheap *** extrusions or stamped parts here
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Originally Posted by magmoormaster View Post
I already told you why, it's economies of scale. It costs much less per unit to make 100 items vs 1000. Inception is pumping out WAAAY more units that Freeflow is.

And honestly, their ano prices are stupidly low. I have an ano project in the wings and quotes for a simple fade/splash ranges from $4-600.

I'd be willing to bet that it costs Freeflow a MINIMUM of $800 to make one gun. Obviously, they need to make money, and $1100 for a standard ano leaves a margin of ~28%. The price might be high, but it's not artificially high. It is what it needs to be for them to make money.

You might see a 2k4, and in all fairness you're not terribly wrong. 2k4 cockers were exceptionally good guns for the price, and still to this day one of the better cockers around. But what that means is that you can say the same for every cocker. A Karnivor is just a 2k4 with prettier (uglier) milling and an eblade. A DC2 is just a 2k4 with better parts.
ID stuff in black and clear is anodized in Taiwan, that's why it's cheaper.
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not to mention the hand polishing that's involved in making a freeflow. I wonder if ST and ID do that...
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Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
A) I didn't say ridiculous, I said high

B) if it's not high, I shouldn't be able to build a comparable one using ID parts and be left with another stock one for roughly the same cost.

Tell me about mill times all you want but what do you think the mill time on a ID LPR AND a wgp LPR are combined?

Again, buy it if you want but all I see is a 2k4 with some nice parts
Hmm, I didnt know 2k4's were 100% machined from 6061 billet. Btw freeflow machines ALL of their parts, minus a few components like hpr and lpr.
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