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Why is there a Motorcycle in the House?

A while back I saw a post on an instagram feed where this guy put a motorcycle on his mantle above his fireplace. To be fair, it was really on top of the stone work, all lit up and looked like a bachelor pad any guy would love to own.

I asked my wife how come we don't have my motorcycle inside as I walked around the house looking for a place to put it.

To no one's surprise, she said in a diplomatic way that it probably wouldn't be the best idea.

Dejected but not deterred, I went about my day.

Well today I asked again... I didn't get no either.

Of course she wasn't home and on a business trip but it wasn't a no!!
I called a Paul (C5Tek) and in went the motorcycle!

At her new home in the living room

My daughter approves

It was at this moment my daughter mentioned that this is the corner where we keep our Christmas tree. Of course Santa is going to want a place to put his presents... Therefore we made it appropriate for Christmas

All decorated for Christmas and ready for presents! The Mrs. comes home tonight. She'll be so surprised!
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Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission...looks good sir. Hope it can stay that way!
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Just tell her to remember. "If you're cold, They're cold."
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Yeah, that's pretty awesome.
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Now that is manly tree......

I'm sure she will be overjoyed....

Hope that's not a oil spot on the missus tree rug... your in deep fru-fru if it is.....
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Man that is a clean Triumph!
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I don't blame you for wanting that one inside.

I used to live across from a guy that did full frame up restores on Triumph bikes. His work was simply amazing.
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Nice! One of my life goals is a nicely finished walkout basement... with a large door. If I am ever to have a man cave, I'd like to have a car and some bikes in it. I might settle for a nicely finished garage with a couch though.
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here 4 the memes
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Beautiful bike! Keep your family inside with you!
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That looks good! Now to keep it you just have to balance things out and figure out something she kinda wanted. She shed hot tub out back perhaps. It costs more but is there really a price on the happiness of SWMBO?
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