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Bespoke paintball markers and other fine things

Do you see your custom or limited production paintball marker as a luxury item? One of the finer things in life? I was looking at pictures of some expensive vintage Italian cars and thinking that hunting and acquiring some of the really nifty old paintball markers likely scratches a very similar itch as doing the same with a rare automobile. Or, really any collectible. Cars, motorcycles, paintings, firearms. It's all kind of the same thing.

I have really enjoyed finding (and in some cases restoring) certain old paintball markers. I also have an interest in many of the other fine rare things. I suspect I simply have a "collector" mentality. Maybe I'm just a hoarder. If I had the money and space, I would probably hoard cars.

Anyone else have this desire or do you limit yourself to paintball? I suspect many of us who play at being collectors are interested in other things as well. I also suspect I personally started buying and selling paintball markers specifically to scratch that collector itch without have do deal with the problems other classes of collectibles present. Paintball collecting is relatively easy.
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I collect the old and weird markers. Cuz they are usualy more affordable cuz people don’t ow how to get them to work.
Can rebuild a tippmann c3 blindfolded but building a cocker is still a struggle for me.

Other stuff I like to hired. Are records. Original presses of popular music that are getting hard to find haha.
I jump around collecting s lot. Depending what intrested me at the time. Not super high end just the weird stuff.
Thinking about jumping into the world of old snowboards cuz I love the look but I know they are mostly unusable baba.
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I started collecting / restoring Autocockers back around 2007. These had been the gun to have when I started playing back in the late 90s while I was still shooting my Spyder. Back then, they were relatively inexpensive, there are a lot of different models out there, and they're fun to use for rec play / scenarios. If I were to ever sell my collection, I'd see a substantial appreciation, but I don't have any such plans in the near future.
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I joined the paintball crowd late in life. And like crack, I have become addicted to collecting, modifying and creating paintball guns. I have amassed a horde in a short time. Mostly the older less sought after mechanicals and pumps. But what I have enjoyed collecting are the crappy entry markers that everyone broke or threw out. I love the fact that most players started with these plastic guns. They allow you to appreciate the advances in the technology and quality that has happened in this sport.
As for my horde of SMG60's, well, there is nothing as fun as an all SMG game.
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Bespoke paintball guns are my treasure and muse:

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that looks like video game cosplay **** right there
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by DashHopes
OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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Mad Science of Paintball
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I tried collecting for a while, I love mechanical things and I'm very much the packrat. (If you ever see my shop, that much is quite clear. )

However, collecting anything over a small handful and anything not terribly desirable, costs money. And in my case, well, as I've said before, the salary of the typical airsmith is a lot closer to that of a McDonald's part-timer than it is a Fortune 500 CEO.

Over my career, I've had in my sweaty hands any number of pretty nice markers- and I mean ones I owned, or had a chance to buy at a relative song, not just the cool stuff customers have sent in for repairs.

And at some point, it came up that I needed the cash more than I needed the gun, and I had a hard time justifying keeping a $1,000 marker hanging on the wall, that I never played with and virtually no one would ever see but me and a few of my friends.

If I had a walk-in storefront, sure, have 'em up on display with a little description card, etc. But really, if I had a photos of it on my website, it tended to do me a lot more good getting sold off so I could afford something else- tools, parts, car repairs... food...

I still have what must be well over a hundred guns, but two-thirds of them are in pieces, often incomplete, and basically not really worth putting together. (That is, I have a couple disassembled 'Cockers, but they're like stock '01 or '04 Prostocks, not, like, Westwoods or Rippers. All the good stuff I've had, as I've said, has long since been sold off.)

Yes, if I had tons of money, I'd have a big display area or showroom and have a nice big collection of fancy guns. Along with a test range out back to try them out on, or an indoor field, or more likely, a fleet of 5-axis mills and live-tool turning centers making me NEW fancy parts.

And yeah, if I had Big Money, I'd have collections of firearms, cars, classic automobile memorabilia, and a small warehouse full of restored classic old manual machine tools all the way back to some of the old flat-belt driven stuff.

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Brass and Wood Fan
I like collecting strange operations/ limited production.
What I mean is not your standard blow back or blow forward.

Drv (inside out Nelson)
Thumper (clippard valve)
Ice epic (no bolt)
Airrowgun ( its bow powered)
Brass eagle poison (itís a blowback but the spring is outside the marker)
Mad rifle (look up the thread)
Sniper I (hand made by the man himself)
Pgi Frog (neat gun with a Sharpened bolt)
ICD PRP (cool gas through grip Nelson with a frame that hinges forward)
Species Intimidator (coolest milling ever, come at me)

And Iíve had a few others that are cool. Itís my addiction. Plus I just like talking shop like half the old farts on here.
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Plays on the cheap
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Paintball is my biggest hobby aside from maybe video games. But I don't like collecting paintguns. I've had some nifty pieces over the years, but I end up not using them and I've come to dislike wallhangers. If I can't/don't want to use it, it gets sold off. As a result, all but one of my markers were mass produced. However, I do take pride in adding/swapping parts and making them the best I can make them. That is what makes me smile about my small collection. (6 or 7 markers)

Rare/old/hard to find video games, on the other hand, I do pick up when I find one I really want and can afford. Picked up a SNES copy of Chrono Trigger last year.
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To me its not about the "collection" but rather the process. I use it to clear my head and focus on something of little consequence. Its like building model cars, a zen like experience; calming and relaxing. And the collection is there for me and my personal satisfaction (regardless of cost.) I would never force myself to like something (anything) just because it is expensive...

The wall hangers are there for when people (or myself) ask where all the $ and time go. i can point and say "that".

Its also a hobby, not an investment. the spyders i collect are allot cheaper than angels and a hellofa lot cheaper than anything AKA; and you can just forget about any GMAX.

The ones i go after are just a little different than the norm. Cant really say "rare" but rather less common.
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and then lesser known / popular stuff like the targa and raven series.

Things of that nature.

i have some prototype stuff and its neat, but that's about it. (like buying a super rare model car, that's already been put together) neat but all the work has already been done.
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