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Noise Cancellation?

Boston University just discovered a shape that cancels sound.

Scientists have discovered a shape that blocks all sound–even your co-workers
Offices and tiny apartments could be transformed by the work of Boston University researchers, who recently unveiled an “acoustic metamaterial” that blocks all sound.
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By Mark Wilson1 minute Read

A team of Boston University researchers recently stuck a loudspeaker into one end of a PVC pipe. They cranked it up loud. What did they hear? Nothing.

How was this possible? Did they block the other end of the pipe with noise canceling foams or a chunk of concrete? No, nothing of the sort. The pipe was actually left open save for a small, 3D-printed ring placed around the rim. That ring cut 94% of the sound blasting from the speaker, enough to make it inaudible to the human ear.
The mathematically designed, 3D-printed acoustic metamaterial is shaped in such a way that it sends incoming sounds back to where they came from. [Photo: Cydney Scott/Boston University]

Dubbed an “acoustic meta-material,” the ring was printed from a mathematically modeled design, shaped in such a way that it can catch certain frequencies passing through the air and reflect them back toward their source. Typical acoustic paneling works differently, absorbing sound and turning the vibrations into heat. But what’s particularly trippy is that this muffler is completely open. Air and light can travel through it–just sound cannot.

The implications for architecture and interior design are remarkable, because these metamaterials could be applied to the built environment in many different ways. For instance, they could be stacked to build soundproof yet transparent walls. Cubicles will never be the same.

The researchers also believe that HVAC systems could be fitted with these silencers, and drones could have their turbines muted with such rings. Even in MRI machines, which can be harrowingly loud for patients trapped in a small space, could be quieted. There’s really no limit to the possibilities, but it does sound like these silencers will need to be tailored to circumstance. “The idea is that we can now mathematically design an object that can blocks the sounds of anything,” says Boston University professor Xin Zhang, in a press release.

Now if I can only get a pair of earmuffs to tune out the sound of my own chewing, they’ll really have something.
About the author

Mark Wilson is a senior writer at Fast Company. He started, a simple way to give back every day
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Hvac...MRI. Nope! there is a reason they tested it on a tube design. Imagine a military with all silenced guns. Cannons that made no noise. No mention of military applications anywhere in the article. is offline   Reply With Quote
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I imagine these would only be limited to a small range of frequency that works with the design.

I would of also liked to see what happens if someone put a solid plastic ring with the same outer dimensions as a comparison. Plus the actual sound levels inside and out side of that tube (those stuck in an MRI are inside the damn thing after all). My engineering brain is telling me "this is cool, but I need more information."
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But the important question is does it keep the rain out? carry on with your serious conversation.
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I’m curious but skeptical. I work in a machine shop in the lathe department. If it can drown out the noise of the guy who uses an index drill as a boring bar I’m all for this.

Originally Posted by GanonsGrin View Post
Did you create an account on here JUST to talk about your fascination with Britney Spears, or do you play paintball on the side as well?
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It looks like it would work on things with a tube or barrel but not sure how that could be applied to cubicles or shop noise unless you made round doorways between them or something.

Edit: plus in the video it looks like that device went inside the tube and had a smaller ID. If that is required then would it wouldn't work for guns or markers.
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Originally Posted by View Post
Hvac...MRI. Nope! there is a reason they tested it on a tube design. Imagine a military with all silenced guns. Cannons that made no noise. No mention of military applications anywhere in the article.
Or... could be that speakers are round. and that is an easy rig to make, matching a tube to a speaker.
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But guiiiise it was designed with math. Just imagine using math to design something. What's next? Fresh licorice?
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