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Aside from Benchmade knives (blue line) I have a Boker knife that is exceptional quality. As always, depends on your budget. That might be something to mention when asking for recommendations as for me a "cheap knife" is $100 or so and for others it's a Gerber or Kershaw at $50 or less. Ideally the best value is around $100-$150 since you get top grade steel, a strong lock, and a blade design that is well thought out at that price.

It's just like any hobby, you can get good or cheap and varied degrees of each but not both.

Actually check out Morakniv. They are well talked about and are extremely good for the price. However, they are all fixed blade so if you want a folder maybe look elsewhere.
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There is a sweet spot in cost/quality ratio for your intended purpose. You hit a point when you are spending quite a bit more money for very small improvements. For my personal needs of EDC most knives will work. Some are definitely better than others. Iím not suggesting that the Gerber knife I have is like my Griptillian but I am thinking my Ontario RAT in D2 might be awfully close. There seems to be a huge difference in the quality of inexpensive knives.

Iíve never once regretted buying quality tolls; even though I questioned it at the time of purchase. Buy the best you can afford and use it as intended. But sometimes pocket knives are almost like jewelry to me.
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Morakniv. Not folders but amazing cheap knifes.
They make a knife for almost anything

Opinal old school for the win
Or the kersaw grinder used that as my work knife for 7 months only issue is I lost the pocket clip
Still a broke college student
The odder the better
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Though I keep my Leatherman in my back pocket, I've taken to keeping my Kershaw spring-assist or OP1 (a cool little pull-tab-to-open knife) in my pocket on night shifts.
We have to fill the company van up before the next shift, which requires a business receipt.
When the driver goes in to pay, I just do a little personal grooming.
I may be the skinny white guy, but wearing a suit, leaning against a black van with tinted windows, and cleaning my nails with a sleek little knife at 3AM has proven to keep the usual denizens of the local gas stations at a respectable distance.
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Despite my recent curiosity with budget end knives I picked this up today. Name:  IMG_0044.jpg
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Been appreciating the size of the RAT1; Iím generally a small knife guy preferring blades under 3Ē. Iíve found the larger knife in combination with something very small like a Case Peanut to be a great combination.

Iím not completely sure the Freek 560bk-1 is worth it; I spoiled myself a bit with this purchase. I feel that itís the knife nerd version of the Freek. The Griptillion or standard Freek can be had for about $70-100 cheaper; almost walked out with a full size Griptillion. On the other hand the standard models donít have M4 steel and G10 scales. If the Ontario RAT in D2 had a back lock or something like the Axis lock Iíd say itís on par with the old D2 Griptillion.

Since I more often than not use slip joints Iím not a believer in trusting the lock mechanism. Itís possible for anything mechanical to fail. A lock is a backup safety. A knife I plan on potentially using hard I want a good safety net if I screw up. The 3 Ontario RATs I own definitely donít have junk liner locks, but still they are liner locks. If your liner lock doesnít fully engage you would have been better off with a slip joint; to be fair this is generally only a problem on low quality knives.
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So it seems that my Gerber Air Ranger is definitely better than the last Gerber I purchased and suitable for mundane EDC. With knives like the Ontario RAT 1 & 2, KA-BAR Doizer, Esee Zancudo, and numerous knives from Buck and Kershaw I donít think Iíd recommend them. The fit and function are just better on those other knives. Iíd say the same for my one SOG Salute Mini; seems more for looks than actual function. I donít recall ever using a more uncomfortable knife. I did pick up a Ganzo; havenít put the steel to any use yet but if it holds up Iíll be very impressed. The fit and finish are very nice.
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