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A chromebook is a good option here. Some of the newer ones can very easily use Android apps as well so watching movies would be simple. There are also some great apps that make forum viewing amazing. Taptalk is a personal favorite for killing time at work in between client phone calls or emails.

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A laptop runs off of a hard drive . A Chromebook/ Notebook stores every thing in the cloud and has little onboard storage like your phone.

Most new laptops or Notebooks do not have built in CD rom / DVD players. Its all WI-FI , Bluetooth or USB .

I just bought an Acer E15 laptop, most recommended laptop for under $500 ( they're $329 on Amazon). You can go to sights like or Google the difference to see what fits your needs.

Notebooks are cheaper as there is less hardware but they can be more limited in software and hardware expansions. Laptops are bigger and heavier. Batteries tend to last longer on notebooks but my Acer claims up to 12 hrs.
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The average Chromebook has between 16GB and 32GB of local storage. It is possible to store a few movies on the device itself or on something like a flash drive. Although, it is true that they are primarily cloud based devices. The thing I like about them for some people is just how easy they are to own. You don't need to worry about things like antivirus software and Windows updates. You just turn it on and it works. This is why a lot of schools use them these days - they're cheap and easy to manage.
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Originally Posted by n2extreme1 View Post
Ok so disclaimer I have never owned my own computer. So when responding please keep it to simple terms. Im looking for something cheap that I can use either it be a note book or a laptop. Im honestly not even sure the difference. I would like to use it when I travel to watch movies and something with a keyboard I can use when doing what I need to do online is just to frustrating to do with my phone. Thats it. I dont need it for anything else. Just web browsing and an occasional movie here and there. So what is my best bet? I dont want anything over the top.
Brand new anything with an Intel CPU and 8GB of RAM (16 preferred but its a laptop). An SSD is nice, but a 7200 RPM harddrive is fine.

$500-600 new with those requirements will be more than fine.
Screen size and ect... is preference at that point.

If you don't mind not having Windows, a used Macbook or even a Chromebook will all web-browse and stream movies. Not all have a DVD/BluRay player though.

The only real tech spec you should worry about is the Intel CPU and 8GB of memory. This will give you the best experience overall in terms of responsiveness and general use. The SSD if you can get it in your budget will only improve general response (how fast things load when you click them).
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Get a Lenovo Thinkpad. You can get them with decent specs stupid cheap off ebay.
They're a bit heavy, but super durable and spill resistant.
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You can always add a portable drive to any if those devices if you want to watch a dvd.
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Not sure I want a computer on my lap-top, or a telephone in my pocket for that matter. Shun the unbeliever!
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I’d suggest taking a strong look at an iPad or tablet. Why? Easier to use interface. If you’re not used to using a mouse to navigate a computer an iPad or the like are very easy to use as you just use your fingers.

Now the question of how are you watching movies comes into play. Netflix is easy to use, but if you have your own movies an iPad can be trickier to get your movies on it. I have a lot of digital copies a redeem on iTunes and have a great movie library. You can also use google play and a few other apps.
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Here is a an option.

Dell Inspiron. i5 Intel CPU, 8GB Ram, 256 GB SSD, Touchscreen...

It doesn't have a DVD/Blu ray players but you can get a USB one to use when you need it, as well as a remote HardDrive if you need a lot of storage.

This config works fine for on the go type stuff. Makes it lighter without the optical drive, and when you get home you plug it in and do your stuff, disconnect on the way out.
I like Spyders.
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