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I enjoyed it but I can't get over the premise that getting caught wiping in a tournament is so heinous that you would run away to Venezuela in shame

It SHOULD be that way but there would be more paintballers in the oil fields than the tourney fields
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the auto industry eats its young
spent several years in the industry - don't do it
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heh. ^he^ said heinous

I heard if you say his names 3 times in front of a porta potty at EMR on a moonless night that nothing will happen
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by DashHopes
OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
he doesn't like the salad . . . it reminds him of death
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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
its not a very good movie
I absolutely loved the movie.

But, not its not a "good" movie. The premise is fine, and all the acting is fine, but the script is all ad-libbed, and sometimes works, and sometimes doesnt. Combined with the tiny budget, really hurts the movie a bit. THe 2nd half really, really drags. You should watch until the 50 minute mark, and get all the important parts.

However, it is pretty accurate to paintball, which is something that never, NEVER happens in hollywood. That is what I really love. There are moments where it really does capture something that only players would really understand.

Ie Gets caught wiping, returns with an obscure gun only made in the early 90s... when he last played. That was a pretty smart choice, even if nobody really noticed.

They really captured all the player stereotypes:
Bobby- The "old guy" who hasnt played in forever, thinks he still has it.
Lenny- The annoying over zealous ref
Erica- The sister/girlfiend, whatever. Every field had some that were dragged there, and sat around uninterested.
Eddie- The mil sim nut, calling paintballs "bullets"
The guy obsessed with video games.

And the players who didnt really know what is going on.
I know this sounds dumb, but there was a time, 30 years ago where 15 to 20 man tournaments were common. Very common, and it was a friggen nightmare trying to fill a roster sometimes, so you would be dragging "friends of friends", girlfriends, neighbores, etc, just so you could have a legit roster. Lots who never played... or even really knew what paintball was.

It was common for a player to play on a bunch of teams at a tournmant to fill multiple rosters. So when that Canadian guy switched teams, it was pretty normal.

and the "boo ya ka" team. Every tournament had at least one team like that. That made me laugh so hard.

And the nerdy Canadian guy. Having played lots of scenerio games in the 90s, it reminded me of many of the can con guys.

THose are all the spots that I loved. I talked to the producer a few times... Darren Goldberg. Some of the actors had played, and they used local fields for "experts" and it really showed.

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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
And the nerdy Canadian guy. Having played lots of scenerio games in the 90s, it reminded me of many of the can con guys.
Take off, eh! As a nerdy Can Con guy that played a lot of scenario games in the 90's, I resemble that remark! Hoser!

I found it entertaining as it was one of the first "paintball" movies that was actually about paintball, not just using paintball as a plot device, plus Rob Riggle!
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Didn't TK help out with advice on set?
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