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nearly anything by Larry Niven. I like his books on his own a little more vs with another author. Not a huge fan of the Man / Kzin wars books as they are mostly collections from other authors in his universe. Anything in "known universe" is connected.

Leo Frankowski - the Conrad Stargard series or the boy and his tank series. I like all of his books though. too bad he passed away a few years ago.

John Scalzi - old mans war series. He has a similar writing style to Heinlein and Frankowski. All of his other series have been pretty good so far. Funny thing I saw one of his books being read in the TV show "Almost Human". Then when the credits roll he had writing credits for it. Probably explains why I enjoyed the show.

Anne and/or Todd McCaffrey - The Pern Series or any of her others ( since passed away and her son Tood took over for a while). Nearly all of her books are in one universe and connected, but there are some other series and single books that she wrote. All good.

Frank herbert - good books, but what a haul to get through one. I find his books very slow.

Piers Anthony - The Xanth series. Its somewhat directed towards younger readers, but are still in my colllection and I read them. lots of terrible puns.

Alan Dean Foster - pretty much anything. You can't escape this man. If there has been a novelization of a sci-fi movie in the last 40 years... he probably wrote it. Plus he wrote many books made in to movies. I don't know how the hell he can write so many books.
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I second old mans war

Kinda sci fi, Roger Zelazny is the bomb. Jack of Shadows is one of my all time faves.
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My boss gave us an unexpected hour off today, so I stopped by the bookstore to decide which one I should readName:  20191001_142427.jpg
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I've been reading The Interdependency trilogy by John Scalzi. The first two books are out now with the final one coming in April. I don't know if I'd put them on par with Heinlein or Frank Herbert, but they're fast reads and they're entertaining.
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If you're looking for oldies but goodies...
Deathworld by Harry Harrison
and my personal favorite, H Beam Piper's Lone Star Planet
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all you folks recommending Scalzi need to find and check out the Sten chronicles

I know I know I already recommended it. but scalzi is good and if you like that then check out stuff like that decades before him

if you want some ur-dystopian stuff find and read a copy of "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin . . . he wrote it in 1921 but you will see threads from it that still ring through a lot of sci-fi since

also, since I forgot it before - Saberhagen and his Berserker universe. also stuff written by other authors in that universe. fun stuff

also also, glad to see someone else mention 'the mote in god's eye' - really good book
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I agree with Don.
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The Vorkosigan books by Lois McMaster-Bujold.
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have you read battle field earth or mission earth series books. you also have all warhammer 40k warhammer 40k horus heresy books. all done by different writes for each book telling the story of how chaos marine where formed and leading up to epic battle to finish off series which up to 54 books some books are short story's too. but most of books main books.
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Start with Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny, then read Armor by John Steakly, then Old Man's War by John Scalzi, then go back and read the rest of Zelazny's Amber series, then the stand alone Lord of Light, twice for full effect. He covers it all. Well. Short stories, novellas, novels, series, diverse and eclectic, everything.
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Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
My boss gave us an unexpected hour off today, so I stopped by the bookstore to decide which one I should readAttachment 73147
I'm reading Leviathan awakes, you should join me so we can discuss after we finish

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