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Timely Relationship Advice

It's almost Valentine's Day. Time for some relationship advice from Professor Dungeon Master.

So... Good advice or bad advice? Why?

Ok, so I really posted it because the video amused me. I like this guy's videos. (Not quite as much as Seth Skorkowsky's, but I still watch most of them.)

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Ehh... I'm on board with about 50% of what this guy says. I told my wife point-blank to not make me choose between her and paintball. Just. Don't. She respects that, despite her lack of interest and probably some resentment when she sees how much I spend sometimes. But as long as I don't give her a hard time over her hobbies it's no big deal.

He's very right about needing your own time for your own interests, but overall I think he's a little extreme. For me the majority of your interests don't need to be the same to have a great relationship (though it does help). Just goes to show how differently people can view things I guess.

EDIT: Upon further thought, what he says is merely an opinion and he presents absolutely nothing profound. Kinda want my 10 minutes back, lol. The 6yo being a DM was neat to see though.
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I didn't watch the whole thing, but saw enough. He's right from what I saw and heard. You do you. Enjoy your hobbies, do your thing. Never would my wife dare to tell me what to do. Now my wife and I are total opposites. We had nothing in common when we met. Literally nothing. But that's what made it so great. I got to learn a lot from her things, she got to learn and do my things.
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My lady doesn’t like my hobbies, but she’ll participate when I’m tinkering with them. I have her scrapbook setup next to my hobby workbench so we can do our own thing but together. Shoulda seen the look on her face when my 05 Speed came in, priceless. Then I remind her that heart pendant she loves (thanks Legolas) was made by a skilled paintball enthusiast. She still doesn’t want to play though.
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