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Aka Stuck@home4parts
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What are YOU doing during quarantine?

Since pretty much everyone is stuck at home, figured it would be neat to see what kind of projects people have going on.
Today, I started and finished work on my wife's home office. We are expecting a daughter in June, and this has been kind of a depressing year so far, so I worked really hard on making a home office space that is bright and fun, but still somewhat professional. Part of this included making some rustic looking vases made of bored out cedar (NEVER doing that again, they sucked super badly to make, lol).

So go on, brag about what YOU have accomplished
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Replaced this old, rusty, railing:

Name:  Screenshot_20200317-193659.jpg
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With this one:

Name:  Screenshot_20200317-193724.jpg
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Sorry for the low quality images but they were zoomed in from one of our security camera downloads.
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Mad Science of Paintball
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I've been "self-quarantining" since I started this biz.

A day under lockdown or quarantine or martial law or whatever is just another day at work for me.

Heck, if it weren't for the signs at the Post Office, I wouldn't even know we're having an issue.

What am I working on? Well, I had kind of a poor few months around the Holidays due to some outside-the-shop issues, and I let my inventories get a little weak. So I've been burning what time I can spare running some short batches of parts and getting 'em sent off to the anodizers.

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Just about every small home project I'd been putting off is done. Depending on how bored I get I might resort to painting baseboards.
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playing with old toys
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Besides deferred work on the cars I'll need to get some more 1"x 10"s and finish replacing the old & dry rotted siding on the house.
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Educated Donkey
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Built a house for most of 2018. I have three kids, but could not afford to build a 4 bedroom house, so there is space for two bedrooms in the basement. With this time I have started to frame the basement rooms. One done and one to go.
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Workload and hours really have not changed for me, if anything I am spending more hours actually working vs. all of the unnecessary meetings that were popular. I have though started cleaning up the shop on my off time and getting ready to rebuild my rear axle on my truck. Noticed a gear oil leak from the diff. I have not rebuild this axle (ever) other then changing gear oil occasionally. I figured since this is a 1993 F350 with 130K I may as well do a full rebuild while I have the time. I did the front axle a couple years ago when I had to replace a knuckle.

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- Working (WFH and company hasn't closed)
- A ton of yardwork
-Setting up at home media server / share with Plex so we can stop using Amazon photos / Google drive to store stuff
- tinkering with markers
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Ol' Cheatin' Jonny
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I'm down to 24 hours/week so I've been working on the house more, mostly just spring cleaning. I started trail running as part of my exercise routine so that's been absorbing a lot of my daylight time. Picked up a few books and going to try to read more than play video games. So far I haven't taken on any paintball projects since funding is up in the air.
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Since I work in medical IT, my hours aren't being affected by the quarantine. That said, I've been doing things in my off hours related to the outbreak. PA is experiencing a severe blood shortage due to lack of donations. So, I donated blood last night to try and help out. The stores around here are all still out of basic supplies like TP. To get around this, I've also taken on some basic plumbing projects like installing bidets on my toilets. No more concerns about a shortage here. The rest of my time is spent doing not much of anything since we can't exactly go out and do anything beyond get groceries.
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