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UGGH Fed Ex Sucks!

I bought a scuba compressor on E Bay a month ago, finally got it delivered yesterday.

I set up a Fed Ex Ground acc't to get this thing picked up. It took almost a week of phone calls to get the acc't set up so I could issue a call tag to get it picked up. Their cust service is the worst. They only give info you ask for, but won't lay out the whole process just bits and pieces, so it takes half a dozen calls before the acc't is ready to use. By that time the seller, a scuba instructor in Maryland left for Grand Caymen for 10 days. So have to wait till he returns.

I issue the call tag and it gets picked up. For some reason the driver scans the thing 3 times, so when I try to track it via their website it shows picked up, not ready and delivered. I find this out after 8 calls to Fed Ex. Finally get a supervisor and he says yeah we got it and its on it's way, be there in 7 days on monday, I am in Calif.

Friday I call and check on the status, same run around after 4 calls get another supervisor she says yeah its in Sacramento you will have it monday. I offer to pick it up at the local station she says no can't let you do that.

Get home monday, the driver leaves a tag on the door, sorry the shipper requires a signature. What? It's a call tag so I am the shipper and the receiptent. I sign the waiver on the tag sayin leave it on tues. Plus I call Fed Ex, tell them to leave it. I never required a signature in the first place. Okay no problem I'm told.

Tues I get home the driver writes a note on top of the tag saying, Sorry I can't leave it. Four more phone calls, no one knows what the deal is, call back in the morning.

Three more calls in the morning. The story I get now is, well we don't know where it's at. We'll call you back if and when we can find it. What? It's been at my house twice and they didn't leave it. Get called back am told the driver didn't leave it because the label got torn off. What? it's now been at my house 2 times and he obivously knows it's mine he's been here twice for god's sake. Bad news is, they still don't know where it's at. Good news is they know it's no longer in Sacramento.

Now I'm seriously pissed, looking for any Fed Ex vehicle anywhere to ram with my work truck. I'm sure that the driver is a theif and has got the thing in his buddy's garage. The next day I get called, it's been found on a van headed back to Maryland. Not to worry they caught it time to get it delivered to me the following day.

I told the guy if I come home and there's a note on the door saying, didn't leave it you need to sign for it, it ain't going to pleasent when I show up at your dock looking for my compressor. He decides just this once to tell his driver to go ahead and leave with out a signature, but if it gets ripped off it's not their problem.

Gee thanks Bro, after spending 4 hours on the phone with all your helpful people thats a major concession. How about refunding the 80 bucks shipping? Well I could call back tomarrow..................... Forget it I'll have an anerisum. Time to calm down head to Home Depot for a 30 amp plug and rewire the motor for 220.

At least the compressor is mint and works great.
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Fed Ex Ground is the old RPS, the ups "competitor" that nobody has heard of because they sucked so bad that they only had something like 3% of the market.

I've heard the same thing with other folks. Seems like FedEx Ground isn't a really good way to send stuff.
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Yeah, stick with FedEx Express, Ground is terrible.

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Fedex and Fedex Ground are two different businesses, really. I avoid Fedex Ground when at all possible. If I understand it correctly, the drivers are owner-operators of their trucks as subcontractors and not employees of Fedex.
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Sounds like my troubles with UPS. They won't drop off my Blazer. It requires a signature of an adult 21 or older. They left a note yesterday and my parents signed it so that they could drop it off. UPS comes today and won't accept the note. THEY left the note, it says to sign to have it dropped off yet they won't accept it?!

I'm shipping USPS from now on. Never had any trouble from them.
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Almost everyone I talked to prior to shipping was pushing Fed Ex Express, for which they would pick it up today and I would have it in three days max. That scenario would have set me back $415, as opposed to getting it in a week for $81.

I would have used UPS but it was too heavy. Don't think I'll ever give Fed Ex another chance.
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I had a bad experience with FedEx Ground also. I'm not using FedEx Express or Ground ever again if at all possible.
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We are converting to FedEx from UPS at Bass Pro Shops corporate wide- 32 ish BPS stores, 65ish Tracker Marine boat dealerships...Not sure about the boat manufacturing plants.

I am not impressed.

Taking a long time to set up accounts, drivers don't stop for daily pickups, Fed Ex ground, Fed Ex Express, Account manager that doesn't return calls...

We finally got the software, scales, printer etc... after the driver pushed for them. Still haven't gotten anyone to come and set them up, been two weeks.

More of a hassle than its worth, as far as I'm concerned..

Of course, if you've ever dealt with a company that has as many locations as we do and a corporate headquartes out of state, multiple people involved, it is not surprising.

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I have always stuck with USPS. I had always heard about problems dealing with shipping anything.

I had a small mill shipped to my house using UPS it took close to two weeks to arrive. That wasnt my issue my issue was the crate that it arrived in was in about 20 peices...okay its a huge chuck of steel and iron how bad can it be? $200 later the thing was running again and that took alot. The mill was insured but would have taken close to 2 months for the ordeal to be said and I would'nt have gotten even close to the money required to purchase a new one or let alone the parts to fix it.

USPS has only erked me once but the issue was taken care of very fast.


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I ship everything UPS and have never had a problem. Always arrives when they say it will. Easy online tracking. I have been screwed twice by USPS. I shipped something Prioraty Mail and found out the hard way 2-3 days is just a number they throw up on the wall that has no meaning. They will not even investigate untill it has been 30 days. They charged me an arm and a leg to send it prioraty and it took over a week to get to it's destination. UPS would have gotten it there in 2 days using regular ground.
I have never shipped Fed EX but that's because they are not located near me.
And yes their drivers are independant contractors and do not work for Fed Ex.
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