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What about if your Goal is to build somewhere where EMS and fire emergency vehicles cannot get there?

I know that is what I wanna do when I retire.

I want to make sure they cannot revive me and hook me up to a machine for the last painful months of my life, draining every last bit of my life savings so i leave my children nothing but debt.

And don't tel me about "do not recusitate" clauses Most EMT's don't take the time to read them first, and Hospitals don't abide by them unless a family member is present and activley opposing recusitation.

My wife's grandmother went through that. They revived her, when she didn't want to be, and lived for a whole painful year hooked up to all sorts of machines.

The way I see it, the only way out for me is to live far enough away from these guys, that by the time they get to me, I am dead.
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As stated, he should have checked into all the zoning requirements or restrictions before buying the land. That should have actually been stated in the property deed anyways.

As for not allowing anyone to buy land like this… bah, why? I have in-laws that have land just like this. They use it for camping and a base for snowmobiling. Not everyone who buys land plans on living on it.

I think this is simply a matter of the person buying the land not making sure he was getting what he needed. He saw a cheap price and didn’t look past that. He should have thought to himself “why is this so cheap?”.
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