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Carter's wife's boyfriend
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Brass and Wood Fan's a PRank war you want?

You might all remember my buddy, Jelly:

Well! Much like Carter's friend Hacker, Jelly has also pulled a dissapearing act... Now the reasons are different: Jelly is in a relationship with the dungeonmaster - she doesn't let him out, except to work, or follow her to her functions where she shows him off as some would some type of purse-dog.

Now lately, sick of this I have been calling Jelly, and leaving a daily message...for 3 MONTHS! Not one call back... He told another friend that he is just too ashamed, because even if he would call, he would just complain about his relationship and wouldnt have the balls to come out and see us anyhow...

SO, Jelly is a nurse at the local hospital, and he drives a moped... so sick of his shennanigans, my friend and I took matters into our own hands yesterday:

Yes. Right through the tire....

We left a note on the moped that read:

Dear Jelly: If you want the combination for this lock please call 613-XXX-XXXX. Failure to call will result in more severe action.

Then I waited....

Sure enough my phone rang at around 7 p.m., and on the other end was Jelly in stitches... I eventually gave him the combination, and he came over for some beers and a gripe session about his old-lady...
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Well played good sir.
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That's funny...
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Over my head I guess lol.
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Sh*t, I'm a mod?
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Nicely done
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I drive the boat.
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That's what friends are for isn't it?
Paintball is fun!
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Tough as snails
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Who's the other guy in the picture? The one with his arm around Jelly's theoretical shoulder?
Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
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You guys are my best friends, through thick and thin, we've always been together. We're four of a kind, havin' fun all day, pallin' around and laughin' away. Just best friends are weeee!
I love you guys.
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Oh... kay...

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Beer? You should have at least offered him some tasty macintosh apples....yummmm.
Originally Posted by hey_yeo View Post
Crossing the street in a third world country is my favorite extreme sport.

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PPS Fan he rides a moped? Should we assume that the 'dungeonmaster' is a fat chick?
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