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Like I said in the other thread, my dad works for the AB Houston Brewery. He thinks there's going to be a hostile takeover. Actually, he's positive there's going to be a hostile take over. He's, well, still rather worried.
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Ah! Well in Tampa at Busch Gardens they have the brew house, personally it's not a brew house in my opinion, but a nice place to get buzzed on some free beer. I wonder what will happen to that.
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If they sell off the theme parks. Bye Bye free beer.
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Originally Posted by PJ View Post
Really?! Didn't know that one. It would be interesting to know exactly who brews what for whom.
When I bought some Kirin here it says brewed under license by A.B. on the label. It taste more or less the same as the made in Japan variety.
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My wife was telling me that Seaworld, Discovery Cove, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens was going to be built on one of those islands in the Persian Gulf. I believe it is Dubai who has all those man made type islands. Apparently, the theme park biz has done well for AB including Sesame Place in PA.

Who knows what is going to happen. If in fact, InBev tries some crazy hostile takeover, it will make the world a more interesting place. For those who are the non believers in the global plantation, welcome aboard. Nothing in America is American owned.

In other news, the DC handgun ban might just be illegal? You mean honest law abiding citizens in the national capital cannot properly handle firearms yet a foreign can? WTF?
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Given the way shareholder voting works in AB (very easy to buy directly by shareholder vote), I'd say that the inBev hostile takeover will be welcomed by most shareholders--who are wondering why the board denied them a premium of 22% per share--and the buy out will be anything but "crazy."

What will be crazy are the shareholder derivative lawsuits filed against AB's board for its "we don't want to sell" attitude. If they can't explain why shareholder value won't go up more than 22% per share based on them keeping on keeping on, they'd better do their job and sign on the dotted line.

Decent business oriented write up: UPDATED: Anheuser-Busch confirms InBev's $46.3B takeover offer - St. Louis Business Journal:
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