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for all the people that thought fay would do nothing i got 16inch in 2 days

well i live in brevard county or know as Melbourne fl. we got about 16inch of rained in last 2 days and expect to get more as it move along. so by Thursday should have about 20 or more inch of rain. suck to be me since all or most road flooded badly. only good thing to come out of this was drained dads pool at our guest house we have in Melbourne. never got to chance to check out condo in rockledge because roads where badly flooded around me. wish me and all people of mcb that putting up with fay the tropical storm that doing hell of damage
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At first I thought this was male enhancement spam.
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Ummm...scariest post title ever.
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Originally Posted by Chefdave View Post
Ummm...scariest post title ever.
Yeah, I was thinking 8" per day? What's the big deal?
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8 inches per day pffff I got 16 in 2 hours once.

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I don't really consider this a dangerous storm in the slightest bit. Annoying and irritating but not dangerous. I would rather have a lot of rain than 100+ mph winds. The good thing about Melbourne is it drains quickly and should be fine in a day or so. The main part of the storm should be here in a few hours and I could care less because it is a weak wussy storm. We have had regular storms with more rain and winds. This was all blown way out of proportion by the news.
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I saw the video clip of the kite surfer who got picked up and smashed into the structure.

Glad Fay didn't do more damage then what it already has.
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Originally Posted by SHOOT3R USA View Post
8 inches per day pffff I got 16 in 2 hours once.
jail doesn't count.
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