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Buying an Airsoft gun...looking for opinions on what to get...

I'm looking to spend around $150 on it. I'd prefer something other than a pistol. I'm not sure on the whole gas vs. electric thing so maybe someone can explain things better for me.
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Are you wanting full auto/semi auto or is a really nice spring gun okay? Here's some of the options:

Nothing that is worth buying

KSC Mac 11
KSC Glock 18c (metal slide is a plus if you can find one)
Marui guns (any of them are nice, especially the Beretta M9)

Marui spring rifles (the XM177 is the best of these)
Marui M3 (it's 200 or so, but it's a great gun)
KWC Desert Eagle (great gun, it's got all the features of a gas gun but with a spring action)
All other spring pistols (Marui HGHU are the best, especially the Mk. 23. UHC guns are great too, cheap and basically copies of Marui guns with weaker springs.)
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i just ordered another airsoft from pyramid air

i bought a spring and an electronic one awhile ago (i dont care for green gas really)
ive got an mp5 by utg its great for around the house and playing other people (shooting cousins and the family at holidays hehe) plus no one overly complains because its a lower velocity and its single shot (yes just about everyone of them has an airsoft pistol and we play on holidays)

and for electric i picked up a SDR8 from TSD
this thing is fun!
the only problems i have had were the battery not holding a very long charge so i swapped it out with one from radio shack(they have batterys made up for orders to)
the thing ive found with the company TSD is that you can order 4 guns and 1 of them normaly has a flaw (like the battery in mine) i bought stuff from them before from friends when i got mine and thats happened
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I like these guys:

Maybe it's because they're local to me, but also because the manager and some of the workers are also long time p-ball players. So when you go in there's none of that p-ball bias vibe.

For battery operated guns I've always run with a Toyko Marui. Right now I have a HK MP5 SD6, and a HK MP7. On the MP7 I mounted my Trijicon ACOG site w/ a Tenebraex optic filter to protect my site from airsoft ball, and also a single point sling to go "hands free" when I'm reloading mags, batteries, etc.

BTW: For sure I'd suggest extra battery packs & extended mags for whatever gu you buy.

Also don't skimp if you're going to get serious about airsoft. I've played w/ a number of $35 eBay specials, and usually they're very inaccurate, suffer from feeding probs, etc. Basically not worth it in the long run IMHO.
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