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Hurt at work

Well now I have gone and done it.
I was opening a door at work on sat and some bozo from skychef kicked it open from the other side right as I grabbed the handle.It tweaked my wrist,elbow and shoulder pretty good.
Now I cannot straighten out my arm with out pain and it keeps going numb.
They made me quit work on sat and go to the doctor so I have lost time there.
Then I had to go back today for nothing.
I show up at work and they tell me I cannot work OT while on a profile.They get made at me becuase my arm is supposed to be in a sling but the darn thing is too small and cuts into my neck.So i just do the napolean thing and keep it in my coat poket. More lost time.
They will allow me to do paperwork tommorow.But alas another doctors appointment so they can say comeback again tommorow. More lost time.
I am not allowed to drive because of being in a sling "State Law as well as doctors law",But they are gonna require me to drive to work to do paperwork.
I have lost out on 4 hrs the first day and 8 hrs of OT today plus tommorow will be several more hours. So much for getting paid.
While I want to work,I am not allowed to do my job so just one armed details is all I can do.Just like being a Airman Basic all over again.
I have come to hate the union and there stupid rules!
I am new to this union stuff as well as workers comp and am really hoping I am not paying into it for nothing.
Geez it couldnt even be something spactaculer like falling 4 stories out of one of 747Fs.
I see that guy come by when I get get back to work and I will kick his well you know.
Sorry to vent of steam here.
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Man I would have thought that your union would protect you a little better in situations like that.... as it is you shouldn't lose anytime having to go see the dr because of a work related injury... sure you may not get OT..but they can't take away regular salary because of an on the job injury.


Hope you start feeling better quick so that you can better womp on that guy
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Wow, sory to hear!! thats sounds by the book. When ever I got injured they would just asked me can you still work? No matter what the doctor says. My latest injury was getting my front tooth knocked out. My insurance covered removing what little of my tooh is left, and a denture tooth, but not a implant for a permanant tooth. With workers comp, (At least in CA) you need to pay upfront for dental work, and my Implant is around $4,000 .
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Geez, two people telling you to do different things so no matter what, your screwed. Kinda sounds like thats how I lost my last job. But thats another story.
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Good luck wiht that Dave.. i had the "pleasure" f dealing with a workman's comp company for about 2 years on a claim... heck I still get bills. They seem to find some of the dumbest peiople in the world to do customer service...

Hope your arm gets better, was it your bad one?
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Hope that it all gets worked out.
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Here's a Union Trick

Just tell your Union Rep you want to see his boss. I'm willing to bet he will help then. I do that all the time with my Union Guy. If you were hurt on the job you should still get paid. Ypu should have gotten full wages the day you were hurt. I'm sure you can even get your job to pay for your cab ride,DUE TO STATE LAW. Don't let the Union Punk you. Demand your rights. Or just find out who is the head Union guy and call him. I guarantee he will kiss your ***. That or threaten to get a lawyer and go to the paper lol. Me I just threaten to quit paying the Union and they get me what I need. I have that choice where I work. Always ask to see whatever they tell you in Black and white. Another thing pull out a pen and paper infront of your boss and union guy or whoever speaks with you. Write everything down, that lets them know to be carful what they tell you, and that your taking caution with them. You would be surprised how fast the want to help. Date everything make copies and don't talk with anyone about conversations you had. Hope this helps.
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yeah.. um, don't you guys have workman's comp in the states?

up here if you get compensated for injuries on the job, and will continue to recieve some sort of wage if injured so as to not be able to do your job.

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Ditto the above two posts. Check your state's workman-comp laws. Your company did the right thing by sending you to the doctor, but you need to follow the doctor's notes to have any legal rights, so get a new sling. In California, for example, if a job related injury keeps you from working for 3 or more days, you'll get compensated; every medical visit, prescription, sling(!), visit to therapist(s), etc, will be covered, and the injured should not receive one bill for anything that happened on the job, regardless of how much work you missed.
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Originally Posted by S7G
I have come to hate the union and there stupid rules!
Are you sure that the reason you can't work is a union rule or the airline's rule? I know the unions can come up with some stupid things in their contracts but trust me, you wouldn't want to not have them (the union) there. Not in this industry anyway. As for on the job injuries at airports. Be glad it wasn't spectacular. If it was you'd probably be dead. I've torqued by back unloading bags, wacked my head on a door mount thing at the baggage belt and had 110 lbs bags come tumbling out of a can I was unloading...on to me. I know that you know this but, there are lots of ways to kill yourself out there.
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