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Trespassing Ticket WTF!!!!

I got a trespassing ticket, for playing freesbi in a park at night. We were there for maybee fifteen minutes throwing it around having a jolly old time and the cop comes and says get down here. One of my buddys heard get going now because we were on a hill above him and goes to get in the car. The cop starts yelling and my buddy apologizes saying he thought he told him to go. We then start walking towards him because hes a good ten feet away and he goes STOP DONT MOVE! Now Im freaking out because I dont want to get in trouble. He goes licenses. I go I dont have my license Im 17, "I DONT CARE IF YOU 17 OR IF YOU 2." Mmmm that made me happy he starts talking to them and then writes my name down and then goes in his car for 10 minutes comes back and says. "Yeah guys you cant be here I know theres not really any places to go but you cant be here." So we drive away just thinking oh its going to be a 5 dollar ticket, maybee 10 a piece couldnt be more than $50 between the three of us.... $92 DOLLARS A PIECE, THATS $276 FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FREESBI ON PUBLIC PROPERTY. None of us have prior records of any mis-doings or warrents or anything of such nature. A warning could have been sufficient but no this jerk gives us a $92 dollar ticket.

Man that guy was a dick.... WTF!!!! My friends are going to court because they dont want to pay I just dont want any more trouble, the ticket is ridiculos... Trespassing it was pitch black you couldnt see any signs. I dont think this is fair, I could see if we were mean to the cop but we were nice and respectful, just makes me mad.

Oh btw who wants to help pay for my ticket ( )
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Sometimes you have to know when to run. ;-)
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The problem is that cities can and do impose a curfew on public land. Where I live, the city actually took the time and tax $$$ to post signs on all public parks stating it closes @10 pm.

It can get more complicated if they passed laws imposing curfews on minors...
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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Sometimes you have to know when to run. ;-)
and dodge & weave, dont forget to weave again and watch out for the little darts with copper wire trailing from them....
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hey, they have limited range, and only work if *both* hit

the cop was being a dink though, i would fight the ticket

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After giving you guys such trouble, that cop had to save face and write you up somehow, especially after he caught you guys "doing nothing," which probably made him feel like an ***. Go to court and fight it, the cop may not even show up. But even if you lose, the judge will probably lower the fine...
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Always dispute of fight the ticket.
If the cop don't show you don't pay.
Even if the cop shows the judge take into consideration of it was only frisbee.
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Go to court and fight the ticket. I had a cop write me a ticket when I was 18 for a made up charge of careless driving. I went to court with it and the judge ripped him a new *** for wasting his time with an obvious bogus ticket. Good luck.
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Spencer what park did he catch you at? Are the rules clearly posted? and ALWAYS fight the ticket in CT. 75% are thrown out and the rest are greatly reduced. Was it a townie or a statey? Staties are very busy and rarely make court appearences and towns don't want to pay their guys to go to court to pay a fine that goes to the state anyway.

Good Luck and fight the power!

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I know… I am different….

How about knowing and following the laws in your area?

Whether the officer was being nice or not is not an issue to me. Think about how many people are jerks to police who are just trying to do their jobs? And don’t come back with “but if they don’t want to put up with it, don’t do the job”. That is hogwash. Civility is a two way street and police are not there to be abused. But on the same note, they are not there to abuse the public either…… BUT that does not mean that they have to be “nice” all the time either. Their attitude is not the thing which determines if they are doing their job correctly or not.

As for always fighting tickets…. If the ticket is valid, PAY IT. If the ticket is not, FIGHT IT. Seems pretty simple to me. When you fight a ticket that you deserved (or was legal) you are only wasting more taxpayer’s money. And yes, I have fought a ticket before.

Also be advised that in many places the officer who wrote the ticket does NOT have to be there to defend the ticket. Because of heavy work loads and to make better use of time and manpower, many places have changed it so that all that must be there is a representative of the department. This allows them to use an officer who is on restricted duty because of an injury, or any other officer who is available. I think this is a great idea.
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