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Thanks to the people who posted to this with some of their personal life stories. Im always amazed at what people are able to accomplish in their lives facing such a tough start. If only the world was filled with more compassion and tolerance.
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Originally Posted by Chemical-X View Post
Having met some horrible kids in my life I can understand what goes on through the heads of some parents. I will not go into the atrocities of the kids actions.

For some people out there this is their only choice.

After all when a parent has done all that they can for a child but cannot fix them what is their last step?
That being said I think that this is an okay alternative if done out of desperation. This is not an alternative if little jonny or susie is throwing tantrums. A parent should do what they can to remedy the issue before placing the burden on someone else.

I can't speak for everyone but I am a believer in a belt..... I tell them something once the second time the belt comes out. I haven't had to use it but a few times on each of mine because it didn't take them long to figure out how it was going to work. Yes we cut up and have a good time with each other, on the other hand when I get a phone call from a teacher that one is talking to much then we have a talk about how it needs to stop then a week later I get another phone call. The belt comes out and I don't have a problem anymore.
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This is for kenny and tig.

These kids I speak of came from little to no supervision and what parental influence there was wasnt any sort of guidance or real discipline. These people are people who never should have been parents. Now I am not making a blanketing statement for those kids being basically abandoned. This is reguarding people of questionable moral character.

One of the kids was one who lived behind me.

This kid smoked in front of me he swore at his parents, caused and confessed to one house fire and said it was going to happen again. He would also parade around the property with his mothers personal "toys", that was not a child it was about a 13 yr old kid who needed some major reform.

Another was a kid who beat his mom and called her very obscene phrases. He came from a full family of questionable moral and ethical characters.
Yes I know your going to follow back up with discipline as an answer. Some people dont have them in them though. Abandoning them on the state would have given them back their sanity and hopefully a reason not to procreate anymore.

Now once again I state that its not an answer to minor issues but for some it may be the only answer.

You guys don't need to give me your answer as I am not one who will do such a thing, I am though saying what influenced my decision for writing what I wrote.
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they where going to change that rule if you people did not know that. for some reason went way to high
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Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
As sad as this is. I would rather see a child go to a caring home than living a hellish existence with people that don't want/care for their children.
I agree Harb, and for the post before yours, I am not a big fan of more laws but this one at least allows the kid to get a second chance and learn that all families are not like the one that left them in NE. It could be worse they could have just left the kid at the grand canyon like Joe Dirt.

the law I want passed is the one where you have to take classes and pass tests before your allowed to have kids. Which requires more responsibility? Driving a car or raising a child? Yet look what you have to do to get a drivers license

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Originally Posted by Azzy View Post
Thats where good people come in, that have come out of that development of compassion. I find that good honest compassion is so much better than state sponsored cookie cutter compassion, expecially fromt eh stories I hear form my cousin who works as a social worker.
That was not the point I was trying to get across at all. So if I miscommunicated I apologize. My point is, it would cost so little per person to take care of this child that the very idea that she should have to work to repay people after she's been dumped on disgusting.

Personally, $.02 out of my pocket would be worth her having a good home for the rest of her childhood instead of spending it working so everyone can have their two pennies...

Originally Posted by p8ntguykenny View Post
The actions of children are a direct result of their parents.
I find that hilarious to the extent that I only wish someone uses this phrase on you if/when you have kids.

Your logic only works if children have no mind and no free will. A parent's parenting ability can have an effect, but not many people realize that the difference between us and the "morons" in the news is not much more than a little luck. When we did something stupid, we were lucky enough not to have it blow up in our faces, they weren't.

Unless of course you're Jesus, in which case I'll admit that I'm wrong.
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