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Toolbox Pr0n

#1 is my favorite...that one's pretty famous. It's sometimes shown in the Smithsonian;

oobject top 10 interesting tool chests

There's even one here for you B

Edit: If you like that toolbox here is an article about it...

Studley 1993 Tool Chest Article by Fine Woodworking Magazine
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My Feedback!

Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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wow, wish mine was that organized, mine is a lower with 15 drawers, packed to the gills, and an upper with 5 drawers, and top lid full of sockets.. Unfortunately, I left that one at my dad's, and my cousin and him aren't very good at returning the tools to the box, and when they do, not in the right place. To add insult to injury, one of the barn cats peed all over inside and rusted the nonsense out of everything.. Shouldataken it all with me, but it was big and heavy. Suppose, shoulda locked it at least..

Got another smaller one started at my house, much better ogainzed, but not near as full. Don't have another $10K to put into it.

I always wonder what happened t my great grand pa on my moms side's tool box, he was an old school carpenter from back when carpenter meant more than just nailing boards together.. He was from England, wonder if his kit looked anything like this?

Cool stuff!
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more gooder
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My grandfather left his tool chest to me in his will. It looked an awful lot like that.

Little toggles to hold the saws in place, holes for all the screwdrivers and drill bits. He was a cabinetmaker for 40 years, and did very nice work. The tool chest shows his skill ( and his packrattiness!)
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Toolchest... I know I have one around her somewhere...

Must be under this gigantic pile of tools and unfinished projects.
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My grandfather has a large collection of Snapon (IIRC) 24k gold tools, bought one every year he worked in the garage
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Someone ban that painthappy dude
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I had a Campy full kit as pictured I bought it from a store going out many years ago for penniess on the dollar. I sold it for a grand profit the first time I left the retail industry. BTW a Campy kit is 3-4g's alone they are all precision equipment.

I'll snap a picture of my travel box for you but in the mean time here is draw porn.( this is prior to getting my equipto 6 draw bench. The old pro craftsman combination wrenches were switched out shortly after this picture for snapon.

Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
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Need to reorganize it.
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