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Schmitti 04-21-2006 09:05 AM

Men/women Not From Different Planets!!!!!
So it's just about how are brain is wired...boy I could have told them that years ago!

freedom 04-21-2006 10:22 AM

not to mention we've had about 100,000 years w/ these brains and our roles in pre-civilized society were very specific...
that's why men don't stop and ask for directions...

Schmitti 04-21-2006 10:46 AM

Good thing we don't attack gas station attendants for approaching and touching our mode of transportation!

I once tried to explain to a girlfriend why a guys (mine specifically) eyes follow people (women being specified by her in the verbal complaint)... I told her it was because as the men we were the hunters and our brains were still hard wired to follow didn't go over very well:(

Deadfall 04-21-2006 03:04 PM

It's the bright colors in the tight-fitting, short dresses! Our eyes are drawn to them!

Err... and the little black dresses, too...

ringer706 04-21-2006 03:50 PM

Or we look left and swear we saw a three headed lady, but upon much futher analysis, we discover that 2 are just really big boobs. Silly men.

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