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2 jet engines + T-72 tank = ultimate water cannon

Check this thing out, its a T-72 tank chassis with 2 MiG 21 jet engines used to propel the water. Its used to put out oil rig fires.

Video of it in action:
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That's damn sweet. I bet the fuel cost for that beast isn't small.

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yes, but think of how much fuel it saves from putting out the fires more quickly!

I like it. . . but why only 2 jet engines?

Why not. . . like 6!?
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Just FYI, the German narrator says it's built on a T-34, not a T-72.

Cool idea, could be handy for oil well fires, and probably wild/forest fires aswell.
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wow. i bet that could do some serious damage to something. talk about riot control. lol...
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I'd imagine the oxygen-depleted exhaust from the jet engines has a lot to do with its effectiveness.
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It is the ultimate Super Soaker.
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