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Some recent ones of mine:

Originally Posted by RepomanGene View Post
****ing Ninja my ***...that **** is Black
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Our beloved Sparkle who we loved and miss so much had pancreatitis and her liver was smaller than normal and her liver cells were dying and she wouldn't eat and just kept vomiting now she is a pet angel and no longer has to suffer she was 11 years old and we had to put her to sleep July 27th and to fill our loneliness and sadness we our giving our 3 month old puppy Ginger who is a boxer/terrier mix a loving home as she will give us lots of love like Sparkle did and keep us busy as also Titus, Amber and Reagan are moving in a few weeks also as we are very happy for them to start their new life back home where they were both born and raised but as a second Mom is sad and will miss them terribly and love them so much as his Dad 2 and brother RJ and his Mom,Dad and sister they will be missed but it is time we share them with their family back home in RI as that has been his wish and dream since I have known him for 6 years.
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Meet Finnegan. He name was decided here on MCB (by Rickfactor2 actually). Though, I just call him Kitty now. He is a dim little thing. He tends to walk into walls if you yell hat. Kid you I do not. In his 2 years of life, he can not understand glass yet, or reflections, or water. I love him though.
Originally Posted by Julien View Post
When your a spoiled fat white kid, living in a first world country, "want" and "need" are the same thing

Why I am a Champion (Feedback)

Paintball Guns > Tuition
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Check out my little bunny:
Toronto Music Gear Exchange

Originally Posted by Gentle911 View Post
I would also request common sense, but that's the most endangered species of all.

MCB Feedback
Tdot Feedback
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Don't have pics at the moment but...

4 Dogs-mini wiener dog, papillion, lab/chow mix, and chihuahua
1 Tutle (kind of)
7 chickens
2 pygmy goats
and 2 mini horses
-Piglet coming soon

I have probably had alomst any pet, try me. Sugar gliders, gerbils, fish, rats, cats, snakes, lizards, quails, regular size horses etc. and considering my age i'd say thats pretty good
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Well after owning a few breeds of dogs, and wile most were very good dogs, I would say that the boxers are fantastic.

This is Joey Boxer, an American boxer. He has great form, is very loyal and loving.

And this is Vinny Barbarino, a Euro boxer. Still just a puppy so we'll see how he turns out.


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this is too good not to post up...he got curious about the box:

My feedback
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Post Whore
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My buddy, Bear, RIP.

I miss him a lot and I'm definitely a cat person.
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Buzz Killington
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my two girls (girlfriend with my mini german schnauzer "molly")

and just Molly
United States Army Officer
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