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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
If he missed and you shoot him - it is fine. If he hits you in the back and you spin 90 degrees to shoot him and it breaks you get a one for one. If he hits you in the back and it bounces you have to wait for a 'clean' call before spinning. It stops stupid spinning EVERY time a bunker move happens.

I love this rule - it supports aggressive play and makes for more fun and better spectating.

It sounds like it makes it easier on the referees more than anything else. Good refs would be able to make any call where a hit player spun and shot. It would already be a one for one because the spinning player played on. The trouble is, a good reffing crew is tough to find. This rule is good because it puts the burden upon the player, not upon the ref.

Having said that, this story fits into this scenario well. I was once photographing a game where the last player on a team moved up to bunker a player as he ran by and missed him completely. Instead of spinning to shoot the player that had attempted the bunkering, the player on the other team that was missed, stood up and calmly walked 3 steps over to the flag, pulled it, and then quickly walked it down to the other end for hang / win .

Everybody on the sidelines was screaming because they thought the eliminated player had pulled the flag for the hang. Nobody had noticed had paid attention to the ref next to him that had called him clean. Plus, he was clean after he hung the flag.

The player that had attempted the bunker move continued downfield searching for other players on the other team, only to discover there were none left! You should have seen the look on his face when he took about 5 steps for the flag, noticed it was gone, and the game was called as over! is offline   Reply With Quote
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I am not sure if you have ever reffed a full speed high competition tournament (such as a PSP or NPPL) but it is damned near impossible to sort out the chaos. I think this does help the refs but I think it sets a rule for the players so that they know (or should know) what thier boundaries are. Even in this tournament, in the snake, while running and both guys are shooting - I don't envy the ref's call.

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