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Bacon cupcakes

Everything's better with bacon!

bacon cupcakes

Everybody loves me!

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I was just thinking about making a bacon pecan pie
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rub their little faces right in their own piss while yelling NO NO NO as loud as you can while smacking them on the back of the head.
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Awww... now I want to cook something using bacon..

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Looks yummy! On the travel channel & food network a store was shown that sells these, and donuts with a similar topping.

What can't bacon do?
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"BAKING" not "bacon"

sigh..... newb
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if thought that was weird go see last season of dinner impossible they made this for desert
Chocolate-Dipped Bacon with nuts. here the vid
In Videos: New 'Dinner Impossible' Chef Michael Symon Makes Chocolate-Covered Bacon | Serious Eats
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Everything's better with bacon!"]bacon cupcakes

Oh yeah. Cupcakes and a Mountain Dew !

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HOLY ****.

A girl at JUST work brought in cupcakes and I made a joke that they had bacon in them, because one guy eating them is a vegetarian.

Yay timely post!
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Bacon is the most Delicious of Vegetable.
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The local morning news show did a piece on these things. Seems a bakery in Philly was pushing the bacon cupcake thing pretty hard. Funny part was watching the really really pregnant newslady eat half the cupcake then gag on the smell as it sat in front of her on the desk.
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