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Easy butch... no more coffee for you today.
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Originally Posted by shartley
I am all for protecting the rights of every person within the borders of the US though… but those rights only go so far. When you do something illegal you should also be held accountable, no matter if you are here visiting or live here. Illegal Immigrant means ILLEGAL. Illegal means against the law. But we can do nothing about it? I see a huge backlash coming in the US if the politicians don’t do the right thing. And I don’t see the actions of the protesting illegals as helping their “cause” any.

I am happy to note though that those who are standing up now are not getting labeled as anti-immigrant or racist as they were when this all began to be a topic of interest not long ago. I am also glad that the LEGAL immigrant population is standing up for the law as well.
This reminds me of a local incident where na illegal raped, and killed a girl. Not only was he an illegal immigrant, but he was a deaf mute. Because he has no way of communicating he can not go to trial.
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Seriously, I don't understand how raising those flags would change things though...
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You guys should know there is an active movement of Mexican nationals dedicated to taking back "what is rightfully theirs"(California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico). The idea is to flood the area with illegals, and drive the legitimate residents out, through lower property values, and often outright intimidation - that's what all the "La Raza" nonsense is ultimately about.

As for "needing tear gas", forget that - fix bayonets. There is a bill in Federal legislature that would REQUIRE all police officers to arrest and detain illegals, no discretion, period. Quite a few have also suggested that an "anchor baby" amendment is also a good idea - for a child born in the US to get US citizenship, one parent must be a US citizen. Another idea I've heard is that any illegals caught should be put to use building a wall on the border.

I keep hearing that "we need them for the jobs Americans won't do", and I keep calling bull**** - it's jobs Americans won't do FOR 3 DOLLARS AN HOUR.

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I'm Native American....I think you all should leave!

Just kidding (about the you should leave part)...however, this reminds me of a story, that happened today...

I hired a gentleman last week, and as standard practice, we ran a background check on him. Well, this gentleman apparently died in 1998 at age 67. He actually looked and smelled really well for an 8 year old corpse. I knew his check would come back bad since my 3 year old daughter can forge better documents with a crayon than the ones he gave me, but I just can't believe someone would use a dead persons SS# and NAME as identification. He didn't even flinch or act like it was a big deal when I told him I couldn't place him because of this.

What is even more amazing (and I have gone through this many times) is that when you call the Government (in this case, the Social Security Office) to double check these, they just ask you to tell the person to go to the local Social Security Office, and then "Thanks for calling, bye," instead of directing you to the INS or some Law Enforcement Agency because someone is committing a CRIME by trying to pass forged documents and is obviously in this country illegally and you probably have the information to easily apprehend them. It's just no big deal to them. What if that is the next Mohammed Atah sitting there?

If someone doesn't care any more about our laws than this, and can't be trusted to even tell us who they actually are, how can we trust them with amnesty and citizenship? What other laws don't they care about?
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I stand by my cow catcher idea.
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I like this idea:
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I just can't believe someone would use a dead persons SS# and NAME as identification. He didn't even flinch or act like it was a big deal when I told him I couldn't place him because of this.
I know exactly what you mean. I come across a ton of files at work that involve what can only be illegals. Basically what I do is prepare claims to go to our lawyers or 3rd party collection agencies so that they can get money back that my company has paid out due to uninsured motorists hitting our people. So of course we take care of our people that we insure but then since in these files our insured customers aren't the ones that caused the accident and normally in these situations if they aren't at fault the other insurance company reimburses us for the damages, but when there isn't another insurance company its up to us to go after the uninsured irresponsible scumbags and collect.

So here is a huge immigration problem. Very few if any are going to bother with following the financial responsibility laws that almost all states have. The financial responsibility laws, for those who aren't familiar, are the laws that say a motorist must have a minimum ammount of liability coverage for driving a car. Unfortunately the penalties for breaking the financial responsibility laws are barely a slap on the wrist.

So now I get litterally hundreds of files handed to me and to get them ready to go to our lawyers or other collecters I search for assets and addresses, and other contact information for the Uninsured Irresponsible Scumbag. on hundreds of these files the person that I'm left to look for is.
Juan Raul Lopez Garcia (yes, I've even gotten files like that where the person had 6 different names!)
Plus Juan Raul Lopez Garcia happens to also have 4 different social security numbers showing up in various listings. Several listings will also change the name around, so maybe its actually Raul Lopez Garcia on one service, but Juan Raul Garcia on another, and yet another is Juan Raul Lopez

So here is the thing, why can't they get insurance coverage! Because, the don't actually have their own Social Security Numbers And because every insurance application is going to require one, and even if they use some SSN of some dead guy or some # they've bought from an ID theif, then if they ever do get into an accident and it comes out that they lied on their application, then the company still won't pay out because it would call the policy void because of the lie

In short, wonder why insurance seems to cost too much? Its because they're paying out on claims for these Uninsured Irresponsible Scumbags and they can't get their money back because our hands are tied, so like any other business model the cost gets passed along to the consumer.

Damn I got on a rant but I really get pissed off at these files with the illegal scumbags, especially since I had one today that involved the guy that my company insured getting killed by one of the basterds and at this point my search told me he went back to Mexico.
If it weren't for my fear of the mexican prison system I'd go down there to the address I've tracked him to and
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Not only can they often get drivers licenses...they can also get mortgages and loans for stuff... (this is all from a 60 minutes I watched last year) they get what's called a tax id number from Soc Sec Dept... why would an illegal allien get a tax id number (which they can use as an id for getting loans) you may ask? Because we don't care if they are here illegally so long as they are paying taxes....I mean that's more important than anything else..right?
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It's never going to end until they go after the places that employ illegals. Watch 1 factory/business go under because they had to pay $50,0000 per illegal employed and the jobs will dry up pretty quick.

The news would call it "A chilling new development in the 'undocumented worker' debate" when all it would be active enforcement. But once the jobs dried up, I'll bet the river of people bleeding across our boarder would too.
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