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Medical bills are crazy! I sliced my thumb open with a hand saw once. It was pretty bad, but I was just going to tape it up and hope it stopped bleeding quickly. Well the parents thought I needed stitches, so they take me to the hospital. I end up needing two stitches. And those two thin pieces of thread cost (drumroll please)... $495! Insurance covered a lot of it.

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Hurricanes are far more powerful then the storms the sky creates on its own. They are just another reason the ocean must be destroyed.

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yep. that's the way it is, and one Tylenol will cost you $50.
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paging dr. hartley

Health insurance today is very costly and most employers do not pay as much of the share that they once did. We are very lucky that we have excellent insurance and they have paid every dime of our hospital bills. I do not envy anyone that has poor or no insurance. Poor insurance with children can be deadly a trip to the Dr's office for a healthy child visit is about 60-100 dollars. Emergency rooms are even worse I think that they charge you to sit in the chairs waiting for them to see you.
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Originally Posted by caplucky
I don't know how they can expect people to pay for any type of medical service, oh wait maybe the $30 ace bandage or the $20 gauze.
That's because every medical service cost is padded so those of us who pay, cover the costs for those who don't. Pretty flawed system from top to bottom actually.

But that having been said, after paying huge premiums for mediocre benefits for years as a consultant....I was pretty jazzed to see the insurance benefits at my new company. (...and just in time for all those pregnancy/birth related expenses!!!)

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What I don't get is how a vet can cut open a cow to straighten out a bowel blockage, with a local anesthetic so that the milk is untainted, and only charge like $500 when he goes to the barn and does the job on site, how it is possible that setting a broken arm (something that could've been done centuries ago, and even cheaper now with the modern advances) costs more than 5G at a hospital today.

I understand state of the art level medical stuff costing, but basic stuff should be going down, the tools are more available, the knowelege is more widely studied, and the science is better understood.

IN every other industry, this has caused prices to go down, not up. Why in medical industry does it not?

One shouldn't need medical insurance, basic stuff shouldn't cost that much.

X-ray machines have been around more than 100 years, many more machines than ever in history are available, and many more people trained to use them properly are available than any other time in history.

Look at over the counter knee braces, things that were not available even 20 years ago, and they are cheap. It is only when it is prescribed it sudenly gets expensive.

M theory is this, it is a combination of four things that is costing so much.

1 Lawyers (and people being too emmotional to realize that doctors can and will make mistakes, and that is just a risk you take like you would with your vet over a beloved and cherished pet)

2 insurance companies (the prices get inflated because it is covered by insurance, so they don't have to compete for market share, therefor there is no check to the prices rising)

3 people getting free health care (causing the medical industry to seek other ways of generating revenue)

4 Government regulation (the main reason I can't buy antibiotics from the vet for $100s less for the same exact stuff, or have a vet perform some minor surgeries on me for $1000s less - ask your self, how much skill and training does it take to burn a wart or mole off with liquid Nitrogen $3,000 worth per time?)

Human to animal stuff isn't all that different really, especially meds, just dosage.

Many of you have pets, check the difference sometime.

Unfortunately, many in this nation would rather it this way, there is more emmotion than anyhting else involved with human health care.

Me, when I get older, my goal is to be far enough from civilization that the EMT's won't be able to arrive to my house in time to hook me up to a machine so I can live out the rest of my life using up my children's inheritance to keep me alive a few more days hooked up to a machine.

I won't have worked my whole life to build up money to give it away to strangers, when my time to die has come, I am not going to fight it. I want to pass on my work to my children.

Too much is spent trying to eek out one more month, or year out of people who are going to die anyway. Many of them would rather be dead, than going through this, but have no choice, then their money is used up, and they have htier life savings gone, and the children end up with a bill to bury, if thier lucky that is all.

Modern redistribution of wealth..
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I started my chemo treatment in late march of last year. Its been over a year and the bills have passed the million dollar mark. Thank God that we had health insurance.

When I was in the PICU, it cost $3000 a day just for the bed space! That was not including any thing else.
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