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Back to the drawings part.

I don't think you can really complain about this untill your 6 different bosses each take their turns to remind you that you didn't use the correct coversheet.

Oh yeah, and that you'll have to work on Saturday as well.

mmmm, k

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Originally Posted by Azzy
No offence taken

Its not just a draftsman thing.. it's an office thing. i have to deal with the same sort of stuff all the time.

(Ive always thought it's better to have someone in house find a mistake, and spend time one it, than to have teh client find it, and make you spend time one it )
Trust me, it IS better to find it inhouse before the client does. We were doing an environmental report for some facilities that were being released to the public from DOE control. We had a few small errors and one big one where we had a sentence in tlaking aobut where the building was located and it was for another building - cut and paste error. The client found these in successive reviews - fix a few errors, resubmit, few more small nit-picky things, fix, resubmit, they find the big one. Our Project Manager went ballistic (rightfully so). Not only was my butt was in trouble, but my supervisor's as well as he was our internal reviewer and missed them. That cost me 1% of my raise this year, so I got 2% instead of 3% and a partially bad review. It didn't matter that I did well the rest of the year.

So, it's better to find it in-house. Thank you for the opportunity to rant.
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Amen to that PJ.

Just because you don't catch it or don't want to deal with it now, the problem will not go away, and will come back to bite you at the worst moment. Learned that the hard way too.
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Well the plans have red marks on them...and I'm not erasing them.

She gets this way everytime...oh well. She's not talking to me right now..maybe it was because I took a 3 hour lunch break.... good thing I came in an hour and a half early and am staying a half hour late...but she'll probably forget about that.

And no I was not boozing it up over lunch... I was actually replacing a window sill at my house.
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