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Maybe I just have a really good Best Buy near me. I've never had any problems with them. Actually, once I had a mp3 player that had major issuse after 4 months so I brought it in to see what they could do, and at first the lady was saying they could do nothing, but then the manager walked up and let me use the money that was put into it originally plus about 150 of my own and get an Ipod.
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I think you should be able to pull out your knife and bust open the package on the spot while you shop to ensure that thier presumption is correct.

If the don't like all the open boxes - they can shove it.

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I know how you feel. I bought a PSP through amazon about a month ago. But it came through another company. Turns out they sent me a japaneese PSP. Japaneese PSP's can't play american UMD movies. I wouldn't be angry if they had just advertized I may be getting a foreign PSP, but it was never once mentioned. So I've been trying to get ahold of the software place to see if they'll exchange it for an American one. Well after about four emails still no respanse from them. I talked to amazon but they wern't much help. Now my only option prettu much is to call sony and see if they want to help me out.

God I hate retail!

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Well, my situation has gotten a little better on this. I contacted the manufacturer, Salton. They took down my info and e-mailed me a UPS label for return/exchange. No questions, no hassles, and they're picking up the tab on shipping.


Salton = They seem to understand customer service. Pleasant and polite, I would most likely purchase one of their products again.

Best Buy = Rude, unpleasant, andf I had to go through four different people before I even got a straight answer as to why I could not return my item.
I will NEVER shop here again.
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There are ways around theses dilemas.
Not particularly leagal
#1 Walmart-oops I just got this this and opened it and the dumb thing was broke right out of the box. Walmart just chucks thing around the trucks and back storages that they expect returns for damage.
#2 Sears- every sears in existance has "satisfaction gaurenteed or your money back" policy
Oh and by the way, your dog ate the reciept in both cases
Not saying it is right or legal (let your concience guide you) but it is a way around the problem.
I personally have never used these options. (I make a scene for three people in the middle of the store at the busiest time of the day)

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Some more best buy love....hahahahah

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Meph, do you think Wally World's liberal return policy has something to do with their success?

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