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c6quad 07-15-2010 01:07 AM

yes, update please.

c6quad 08-10-2010 01:26 PM

almost another month has gone by since my last request for an update.:(

Frink 08-12-2010 02:21 AM

From the original thread in Nov 2008:


Originally Posted by scarecrow (Post 597032)
Hate doing this as I promised I wouldn't do anymore pre-sales but great need arises. Need to pay off the people I still owe for unfinished work and get the last few things I need to get the shop back in order.

From this thread, Feb 2009


Originally Posted by scarecrow (Post 688716)
Well, two projects I had hoped would generate enough income to get the shop back up fell through and I'm still just a bit short of where I want to be.

Maybe you'll get them one day, but for now this is a no interest personal loan.

msm0711 08-15-2010 08:17 AM


I expect completion time on these at less than 3 months.
An email, a post with an update, or any form of communication would be acceptable. No communication, with over a year past that 3 months..... not acceptable.

Rover 08-15-2010 09:30 AM

Scarecrow Machine "Scarecrow's Paintball" | Facebook

Try there. I see a phone number.

freedom 08-15-2010 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by Rover (Post 1432119)
Try there. I see a phone number.

i chatted with him last week. i hope he follows through and posts an update.

Darth 08-16-2010 09:55 PM

If I am near Carthage I will ask around.

scarecrow 08-17-2010 06:32 AM

Status Update.
Sorry about the lack of updates. Last several months have been insane. I’ve got a new job and I’m working some crazy overtime hours. Hate the long shifts but its helping us get caught up on bills. I also have a brand new baby girl which is taking up a lot of my off time.
A couple of things. First, I’m going to outsource the construction of the levers and the ASA’s. The levers are a complex, curved shape that basically will require a CNC machine to produce. No way I could do them on my manual machines. The hold up on them is that at the present I have the drawings for them in MasterCAM’s .MCX format. I really need to convert the drawings to .DXF (Autodesks format) in order to take them to an outside shop. If any of you happen to have access to MasterCAM or another program that will take .MCX’s and convert them to DXF let me know. Otherwise I’m waiting for a bit later this month when I can go back to the tech school and get on their computers to do the conversion. The other item that I’m going to certainly outsource will be the ASA simply because of the tight tolerances to which they need to be made.
Currently I’m making the prototype of the mounting bracket. This thing represents the last major hurdle on this project. Once it is done, and the outsourced items complete, this will come together pretty quickly. My backup phase of the project is still the cursed stock fixture. I hope to start drilling the stocks in the next couple of weeks. After that, milling and honing the barrels.
Not really much of anything worth taking a picture of right now but I’ll try to get something to show as soon as I can.

Pepper 08-20-2010 05:06 PM

Can you do a "save as"
ACIS file
SAT file.

Or if you can figure out some other conversion that my programs and yours like send it to me. Ill convert it and send it back.

Im running 2010 Autodesk Inventor and Mechanical

Gen 08-20-2010 05:40 PM

Or if Pepper's method won't work for you, I'd be happy to redraw the parts in AutoCAD for you.


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