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Personal progress

Hey guys, well today was the first day in quite some time my knee has been up to the task of actually going to the shop after work... it's been seriously brutal these last two weeks and this morning it just started "working". It feels pretty good right now and I hope it stays this way so I can get back into some exercise and avratech schedule!

Where I'm at, shop and operations wise: sold the bandsaw today, the mill is still for sale and it needs to go in order to free up important funds... but the main thing is getting the current guns done. What is holding them back is a couple dozen small simple parts that I need to turn on the lathe, but since my lathe has no power, I have no choice but to do it at work... and have not been able to stay late since my knee has literally been toast after the regular hours, to the point where I've almost been unable to walk (and I have been doing everything possible to treat it).

So, assuming the knee continues to work and improve like today, I should have those parts done quickly (sometime in the next 2 weeks), and then we will be able to ship out the guns (funds allowing which they should be). That is all I have immediately planned... the accessories and magslides I will have an exact date for in a few weeks when I have the financial requirements accounted for properly. There is also a dozen more guns to go out around the same time as the accessories (matched sets etc), special order stuff will also be attended to at that time.
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Can you name what guns will be going out in the next month?
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Here's to healthy knees.
I'll be praying to Asclepius and Aesculapius for you.
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Good luck with it all man, hope it starts to work out for you. Glad the knee is feeling better.
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Tanks for the update Josh!
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Originally Posted by Duybuin View Post
Can you name what guns will be going out in the next month?
^ also, can I get the invoice for the thing I was asking about through pm/email?
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Everything up to order #225. If your number is 225 or lower, a gun is coming soon
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glad to hear yer knee is improving!

Stitch FC

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...I don't remember my order number
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Thank you very much for keeping us in the loop.

Hope your knee gets better.
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