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Had great time playing and hanging out with ya WALZ. Hope you and the wife enjoyed the trip & game. Look forward to hanging and partying with ya on the next visit.
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Hanging out with Walz was awesome. I think I found our 1st out of state Horde member.
Man, I gave Walz so much brass to take back to Cali that I feel bad. Like I should have given him some gas money for all that dead weight.
Melkson's marker was stunning in person. Walz was a wise man to mount it to a presentaion board, otherwise we would have been all over that sucker. I'm sure one of us would have been willing to grab a mask and "test" the marker for Melkson.
We ended up with a decent MCB turnout at the event too. We had Huggybear, Wicked, H.Mudd13, Catfish, Garm, Alpha434, Newsman, Rowlf,and myself. Also got to meet Walz and Lethahl for the first time. Hell, even Guy Cooper showed up on sunday for a little trigger time with his Vector. Thank you very much, Alpha434, for putting a loudener on a Vector. I did not know you could peel the bark off of a tree with sound alone.

Not a bad weekend. Hopefully Melkson will chime in with his thoughts on, and maybe some pics of, his new brass baby.

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I was happy to put a face with the name. Just sucked every time I wanted to hang out and talk. I was pulled away for reffing duty's or many other things I was trying to take care of.
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Not home yet but got a chance to get on and wanted to thank everyone for showing me a great time at the WWZ games. It was my pleasure to meet you all.
Sure wanted to stay Sunday and be the gunner in the tank but duty called.
Joanne and I did stop at Chris and Hope's home and presented him with his pirate presentation build. Chris is such a nice person and his wife is GOD in the cooking department. Thank you so much Hope. We will see you all next year and have a big get together for sure.
This is Chris's marker-maybe he will take a few more pics for your viewing pleasure.

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Great game and good times. It was sweet to meet Hooligan and see his creepy twin tippman chest mounted marker of making the other team soil themselves. Everyone was so cool (I was a grump, stressed about my truck but I got the paint there). Hope to meet more of the Mcb folk around on the field, love to play but responsibility dictates a very limited amount of time.
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I was the one stuck in the red cp for both days. But then again Im not hard to find either lol.
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