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mrfranswa 10-07-2012 09:34 PM

Pandemic; A Zombie Scenario (TBA)
As promised, here's the starter document I spoke about. I have a txt version available if anyone wants it.

Please note:

1- This is still a work in progress. Please give me feedback
2- You are welcome to rip off this game idea. (you can actually use it for many different types of games; just switch zombies for other survivors!)
3- This document DOES NOT CONTAIN MISSION SPECIFICS! This is field-specific!


A Zombie Scenario
By: Ryan O'Koren


The field is considered to be an old abandoned city infested with zombies, bandits, and secrets. Players are encouraged to explore for new objectives.

There are two “out” zones. The first is the survivor's city. This is an in-game functioning town where players can go to complete missions, buy ammo, hire mercs, etc. This area is considered in-bounds play. The town is policed by the merc faction. Periodically, zombies may attack the town in which survivors are required to defend it. In the event the zombies are able to overrun the town the game is reset.

The other “out” zone is the zombie party area. This is where the halloween party is held, and zombie players can go to grab food, beer, soda, watch a movie, etc. This is the official rest area.

At all times, zombies are allowed to roam the field, however they can't directly approach or interact with objectives unless they are commanded by a zombie master.


The scenario is played in two hour games. At the end of each game, the field is closed for thirty minutes while objectives and prizes are redistributed. During this time, players are reassigned to either the zombie or human sides.


In lieu of cash, players pay for items and services with poker chips. These chips may be purchased at the beginning of games at a 1-10 ratio, (for every 1$ spent, players will receive a 10 point poker chip). Players may also find poker chips scattered around the field, completing objectives, or selling back found equipment.

Players are encouraged to use the currency in unique ways, such as renting/selling excess equipment, blackmailing, holding mission vital locations and demanding payment for passing unharmed, robbing, etc.


Players are encouraged to form their own groups, factions, and storylines. Players may either help or hinder each other. Otherwise, there are five main teams

1- Survivors

Your basic survivor. Before every game players may purchase survivor classes.

2- Zombies

Always craves brains.

3- Mercs

Mercs are the survivors ref's, however they have the added bonus of playing during the event. Mercs also run the shops in the survivor's shantytown, can be bribed, and give out custom missions to survivors.

4- Zombie Master

Zombie masters are the zombies ref's. They are invulnerable, and can't directly play in the event. Instead, they help direct zombie players towards objectives, and give orders between respawns.

5- NPC's

Periodically, important NPC players are spawned on the field. Generally, they are always need to be rescued. NPC's have lives just like survivors, however they are invulnerable while waiting rescue.

Additional Rules

There are some additional rules to safely play Pandemic

1- Max chrono is 220 for .68 caliber paint, and 280 for .42

Most of the time, you won't need the additional distance. Lowered chrono means less force when hit.

2- Zombies can only be taken out if they voluntarily surrender, or shot in the head

Zombies may call themselves out at any point. When they are eliminated, they must drop to the ground and play dead for at least 10 seconds. At which point they will raise their hands above their head, and walk to the respawn point.

3- Survivors can only be eliminated if their flags are removed, voluntarily surrender, or shot w. break.

Survivors wear flag football flags around their waste. To be eliminated, their flags must be removed, or they must be shot by a paintball with a break. If a survivor is eliminated, but wishes to revive they must lay on the ground and scream for a medic. At any point a survivor may raise his hands above his head, call themselves out, and walk to the survivor's shantytown.

4- Zombies can't speak any comprehensible language.

Zombies moan, babble, or scream. While they are on the playing field, they can't communicate to fellow zombies using words/signs/etc.

5- Pandemic is a “Sonic Pop” flag football game on steroids.

Another words, Pandemic is a non-contact sport. Zombies may ONLY contact flags on survivors. If a zombie contacts a player in any way other than ripping off a flag, they will receive a penalty. On all penalties, the human in contact instantly receives full health.
First penalty: Zombie player is removed from the game for 30 minutes
Second penalty: Zombie player is removed from the round, (2 hours)
Third penalty: Zombie is asked to leave permanently.

If a survivor player assaults a zombie in any way, they are immediately removed from the game, (2 hrs), and all chips are confiscated. If they assault a zombie a second time, they are asked to leave permanently.

As per the rules of Flag Football: (zombies are considered the defensive players)

In Non-Contact flag football, there is no blocking, usually no linemen, and if there are linemen they can not use their hands to block an opponent. Defensive players cannot get in the way of a runner; they can only attempt to grab the flag without impeding the path of the runner. Offensive players are not allowed to hand block defensive players to prevent them from grabbing the flag.

Another words, there is no pushing, shoving, or deflecting. The only contact players will have is zombie players on survivor's flags.

6- The only piece of paintball specific equipment a player may bring for free is their mask. Players may use their own equipment, however they must pay for it with chips prior to starting the game. (value is assessed by the Merc Shop).

7- Zombie Masters and Mercs are the final authority on all rules. (They are the refs!!!!!!)

8- The goal of Pandemic is to have fun, NOT to win! Zombie Masters and Mercs may help/hamper either team during the game to properly balance it so everyone has a fun time.

9- Zombies MUST wear full protective gear. This includes, (but not limited to):

Full Face masks
Several layers of clothing
Soft protective padding for neck, hands, and groin

Weapon classifications:

All paintball guns used in the event MUST be inspected prior to play, and MUST fall into the following categories.


Pistols are semi-automatic side arm markers that are classified as paintball pistols. This includes .48 caliber pistols, mag fed pistols, (Tiberius arms, TIPX), and tube-fed pistols.


Shotguns are your standard tube-fed stock class pump paintball guns. They must be tube fed and can't use a hopper. (some really terrible paintball guns fall into this category, like those plastic pumps you can get at walmart for 30$)

Hunting Rifle

Hunting Rifles are CHEAP semi-automatic paintball guns with a small 15-20 round tube-fed hopper attachment. (worse than a tippmann 98 custom Must be valued under 50$). Hunting rifles MUST use original parts. (wal-mart brASS eagle's)

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifles are mag-fed paintball guns. (between 18-25 rounds per magazine), and may be semi or fully automatic. (tippmann with tacamo mag kit)

Assault Rifle+

Assault Rifle+ are slightly more valuable. They are markers with 30 round caps/gravity fed markers. They may be semi or fully automatic, (tippmann A5 with cyclone and 30 round cap)

Heavy Weapon

Heavy Weapons are generally only used by special mercs who are bribed to help with missions. They are assault rifle class paintball guns with full sized hoppers, (heavy weapon mercs are only used in some missions)

Unique weapons

The only scenario provided unique weapon is the flamethrower, (super soaker), however this class includes the odds and ends weapons that don't fit into any other category.


Explosives includes paint grenades, mines, etc.

Equipment classifications:

Only players with the purchased perks may carry these equipments.

Nurse, Field Medic


The medkit is a pouch that includes three ACE bandages and flags. If a player is wounded, a medic can take an ace bandage and wrap it around an appendage. If they do, they can replace one of the spent flags on their belt.


The defibrillator is a player's smart phone, (phones without built in speakers will require separate speakers attached so players can hear!) Before the game, medics are given a MP3 that has the sound of a defibrillator being used, (takes about 10 seconds to play the mp3 file).

If a player is eliminated via flags or shot, they may lie on the ground and scream for a medic. The medic defib's a player by playing the MP3 on their smartphone and holding it against the chest of the wounded player. When the mp3 ends, it will tell the player he has been revived. At which point, the medic can use an ace bandage to heal a player and place a flag on them.

Mechanic, Engineer

Crescent Wrench

The crescent wrench is the basic repair tool of the engineer/mechanic. On the field are numerous doors or machines that are locked using bolts. An engineer “repairs” these objects by removing the bolts.

Socket Wrench

The socket wrench is a higher quality variant of the crescent wrench.


The toolkit includes all the basic tools used in repairing paintball guns. Engineers and Mechanics are the only players who can use a toolkit to repair paintball guns on field.

Hacker, Specialist

M.H.K. (Multi hacking kit)

The M.H.K. is a thumb drive with a flashed copy of Windows, and a text document containing the various passwords used on computers scattering the field. A hacker “hacks” a computer by plugging the thumb drive into the computer's USB ports, and booting windows. Sometimes the hacker will need to open a password protected file. If they do, they must navigate to the thumb drive, and look up the password for the file.

Keyboard and Mouse

Some computers won't have a keyboard and mouse. Hackers are the only players who can carry and use them.



The Communicator is an ability to use the players mobile phone/radio to call for reinforcements, or additional information about completing the objective.

Additionally, there are periodic text messages sent to soldiers with unique missions and stash tips.


Before each game, players have a limited amount of points which they can spend on their starting inventory, and are assigned a class. Each class has different abilities which help in playing the game. During the game, players may purchase additional classes from the merc merchant. (colored arm tape represents each different class)

Entry-level classes

Players may only choose from these classes when they first start the game.


Color: none
Cost: Free
Starting equipment: None
Perks: None
Limits: Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Explosives, Unique Weapons

Civilians are the basic survivor class. They enter the field with no equipment. Instead, they must purchase them from vendors, or find them on field.


Color: White
Cost: 50 points
Starting equipment: Medkit with 3 life boosts
Perks: Healer: can heal and revive players on field.
Limits: Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Explosives, Unique Weapons

Nurse is the entry-level healer class.


Color: Black
Cost: 50 points
Starting equipment: Basic M.H.K,
Perks: ability to hack computer terminals
Limits: Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Explosives, Unique Weapons

Hacker's are the entry-level computer experts. Their basic M.H.K. comes with a flash copy of windows, and level 1 passwords.


Color: Silver
Cost: 50 points
Starting Equipment: Crescent Wrench
Perks: Repair
Limits: Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Explosives, Unique Weapons

Mechanics are the entry-level repair guys. They can use their crescent wrench to repair props by unbolting them using a Crescent Wrench.

Upgraded Classes

Players may purchase class upgrades when they become available. To purchase an upgraded class, the player must purchase the entry level class, and then upgrade.


Color: White+Red
Cost: 150 points
Starting Equipment: Defibrillator, (must have a cell phone with speakers!)
Perks: Healer, Revive
Limits: Heavy Weapons, Unique Weapons

Medics are trained professionals who can bring the dead back to life, (sadly not the UN-dead).


Color: Silver+Black
Cost: 150 points
Starting Equipment: Socket set
Perks: Repair
Limits: Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons

Engineers carry a socket wrench which allows them to make repairs much faster then using a crescent wrench. They are the only class, (other than a merc), who can use unique weapons.


Color: Black+White
Cost: 150 points
Starting Equipment: Advanced M.H.K, Keyboard, Mouse
Perks: Hacking
Limits: Heavy Weapons, Explosives, Unique Weapons

Specialists are allowed to carry the Advanced M.H.K, and are allowed to carry a keyboard and mouse, (which makes hacking broken terminals possible).


Color: Red+Red
Cost: 150 points
Starting Equipment: Hunting Rifle, Communicator
Perks: Intelligence
Limits: Unique Weapons

Soldiers are the only class who can use Heavy Weapons. They also have access to their communicator, which allows them to call in reinforcements, or receive special missions.

Non-player classes

Non-player classes are only obtainable if you help run the game, or volunteer for the role.


Color: Blue

NPC's are objective specific players who are important to the storyline. Generally they will need to be rescued, or escorted to an objective.


Color: Yellow+White

Mercs are police-like players who control the survivor's shantytown. All shop owners are mercs, and can be bribed.

Zombie Master

Color: Yellow+Silver

Zombie Masters help direct zombies towards objectives, and offer strategic advice. Zombie players can't interact with the environment, and are invulnerable.


At all points the field is open for exploring. Periodically, mercs and zombie masters will give out objectives to players. These objectives will either progress the storyline and allow additional objectives to be achieved, or help bring much needed inventory to the bases.

Survivor missions:

1- Gather

The most basic objective for survivors is gathering missions. To help supply the survivor's shantytown, survivors must periodically venture into the city to gather much needed supplies. There are five types of supplies:


Medicine allows survivors to heal in-between missions. Periodically there will be an epidemic in town, and players will be required to find stashes of penicillin. If they fail, each survivor will lose one health tag.


When paint gets dangerously low, survivors are required to seek out ammo in specially marked/locked boxes. These are generally located at ammo dumps, gun stores, military bases, and police stations.

Guns & Equipment

Survivors who don't have paintball equipment are required to rent. In the event of low inventory, players are required to bring back specially marked/locked boxes that have rental equipment inside. This may include upgrade equipment such as larger hoppers, paint grenades, etc.


Batches of food allow for 30 minutes of game time. Periodically, players will be required to bring back specially marked boxes of food.


In the event of low air, players will be required to obtain new air tanks that are placed around the field. This includes repair missions for compressed air players.

2- Intelligence

Intel missions allow players to gather additional information, and are required to advance the storyline. There are three different intelligence missions:



Intelligence missions help players locate needed supplies. Without scouting areas, players won't know where to go!


Hack intel missions are specifically used to gather important information that progress the storyline, or find combinations to various locks scattered around the field.

3- Repair

Repair missions involve players repairing the scattered generators. Every 30 minutes, players are required to repair the generators that power the various buildings.

4- Rescue

Sometimes, survivors or NPC's may be stranded and surrounded by zombies, at which point rescue missions would become available.

5- Defend

Periodically, zombies will attack various locations, and survivors will be required to defend them. This includes the survivor's shantytown itself.

Zombie Missions:


The most basic zombie mission; rush an objective. During an overrun, all zombies are tasked to overtake a single objective or target. This includes static points, or missions the survivors are attempting. If the zombies kill everyone in the survivor's shantytown, the game is immediately ended.

If the zombies overtake a repairable objective, they may “destroy” the objective, (such as generators). When destroyed, survivors are required to retake the objective, and repair it via an engineer.

mrfranswa 10-07-2012 09:46 PM

Notable props:

To have a fun time, Pandemic requires some cheap an unique props. They are very easy to set up, and require minimal investment.

Bolts, (preferably in bolts) and nuts

Mechanics/engineers repair/weld objects by removing/adding bolts to objects. The easiest way to achieve this is by adding doors to your buildings, and putting a small wooden box over the lock. The box would be closed with a number of metal bolts. The engineer player would remove these bolts so players may gain access to the locking mechanism. These boxes can be placed on anything, (around a gas powered generator for example).

If you have stand-alone refs, you can also put a piece of metal near the prop, and have the mechanic player hit it with a hammer for a set amount of time, (ref would keep a stop-watch). This would be the act of “repairing” the prop.

Combination locks

Placing combination locks on props/doors allows hacker players to gather data from computers. This also allows players to “bribe” mercs for combinations.

Old/cheap used computers

These require power, but you can find free old computers pretty much anywhere. Hook them up, and have players mine data off of them. If you don't include the operating system on the hard drive, hacker players can carry a thumb drive with a flash copy of windows. This makes them only accessible to hackers.

Gas Generators

Portable power is always a great prop. These can be used to power computers, lights, etc.

Military surplus boxes.

These can be placed in various spots so players can search for food/medicine

Hooligan 10-08-2012 07:46 AM

One word........

We have a pretty strong community of paintballers that are willing to roleplay here in CO. Once we get the word out of the game, we will be busy!

We need to sit down somewhere and do some brainstorming on the game and see how we can pull it off.
I'd love to see the addition of a turf controlling street gang, maybe some quislings? ( wanna -be undead)

mrfranswa 10-08-2012 12:31 PM

Honestly the original idea was for a s.t.a.l.k.e.r. roleplaying game, however we quickly found that it was most fun to play against the mutants, (who were zombies). The problem is s.t.a.l.k.e.r. requires a HUGE field so players can properly explore for artifacts, (not to mention TONS AND TONS of booby-traps).

Your absolutely right about sitting down. I would probably suggest meeting at my place here in Manitou. We just got a big house and we have a bunch of vacant rooms.

mrfranswa 10-12-2012 10:47 PM

After a lot of thinking, I've decided to go ahead and promote the event at the paintball for boobies event.

We will need at least two weeks before announcing the event, and that deadline is fast approaching. I REALLY wanted to meet before making any sort of announcement, but as it is right now, I see a great opportunity that will possibly pass us by. Here's an event where there will be at least 100 players from all different skill levels. Many of which are new players looking to do something fun.

Basically, the event will be a big generic halloween themed paintball party. If we can get people to play the complex scenario that's great, but worst case we drink beer and play some night games in costumes.

If the laws of hosting a paintball event are true, chances are running a huge scenario in 3 weeks will go over like a fart in church. That's why I think the event should be dumbed down to an awesome halloween party in the desert with zombie games playing in the background.

This is what I'm thinking of putting in the flyer:

Date of the event: Nov 3rd (bad weather date Nov 4th)
Time: 5PM-???
Max event registration: 100 people
Cost: 15$ pre-registration cover charge, (so we can get food, kegs, pay Kev for using the field, rent generators and projectors, pay people to come out and help setup, etc) 20$ at field. BYOP, or buy from us

Games we will play:

*Stock/mag/pistol pickup games of Pandemic
Cost: 15$ per game, which is then paid to two zombie volunteers (5$ per game). 30 player max games (20 zombies, 10 survivors)

During the night, I would run general missions where players have to complete objectives. I would give kudos points to players who complete objectives. The top 3 players with kudos points would receive a prize, (probably a pump or mag-fed marker).

* Pickup paintball games
Cost: Free

General fun pickup games of paintball on the field.

I'm thinking a bonfire, kegs, food, zombies, music, movies, (playing on a projector I'm going to rent), and paintball... what can go wrong?

mrfranswa 10-15-2012 02:52 PM

The facebook page is up. Join it if you are going. If you are going to help set up the event PM me on facebook and I'll make you an admin.

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