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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
The system is well designed for CO2, but if you give it some volume under the valve at the vert adapter, they can get along well on HPA.
My DX runs very well on HPA. The extra long vert adapter must help with the valve volume.
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Originally Posted by Fubarius View Post
My DX runs very well on HPA. The extra long vert adapter must help with the valve volume.
It does, and when you switch from Co2 to HPA you need to re-tune the cat with paint in it. I think one of the member have his set so that the bolt will not cock back without paint in the breech.
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Yes they're one of the best sear tripper blowbacks you can get. The machining tolerances are very tight, they're made of high-quality alloy, and they have a smooth operation. The hammer doesn't smack the valve, it pushes it open as it slides past. And you can separately adjust the amount of gas sent both to the recock operation and to fire the ball. Mine is one of the smoothest, quietest guns I own, with very little of the usual blowback kick.
man that sounds sweet, give us some pron

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Originally Posted by thedalton View Post
ya but is it light on paint? Unlike the automags?
It's got a delrin bolt tip, which is always better than a metal tip as far as paint it concerned. Also, the bolt has a venturi porting face(stock!) so the gun is fairly accurate. At this point in the game it might be hard to find some good barrels or barrel kits. Most of the ICD community has stocked up while the getting was good so options are limited, but I'm sure you'd be able to find something for it.
The operating pressure is similar to an Automag(need a better source tho). It will only run on high pressure ~650-750 psi. I've found the 'cat series can run on HPA, but originally they preferred siphon CO2 tanks.
Unlike the automag, the guns have a decent amount of kick(no VM68 though) and I remember using a shake'n'bake hopper without a problem most of my teenage life with my Puma.
One good thing is that with the removal of two pieces you can pull out the whole bolt and run a squeegee through the barrel and breech section.
The trigger, without modifications, has a good amount of travel to it. It's probably probably never going to be able to beat an Automag in terms of speed.
I've never had a problem with mine leaking. The valve seal is still the original one which I've had for about 13 years now, still no leaks. '

Overall, it's a most solid marker. As long as you know how to tune it, it will probably work no matter what happens. Seriously, you could run over this marker with a few semi trucks and it would work fine. I bought a parts kit years ago for it. I've never needed to open it, for whatever reason these guns are just made to work.
If you're looking for something upgradable, you probably won't want an Alleycat. That's why there are Automags and Autocockers.
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I just love how quiet it is. Today i let a friend borrow my wifes alley; I got out first and while watching from the sidelines i actually couldn't hear the shots with the 16" teardrop freak. I had no trouble tracking down a freak back for it. I made a grip that accommodated a bottomline and it has been a done deal since. My wife thinks it's the best gun she has ever shot.
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