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b2k value?

Ok i have a b2k, and idk the value of it. There is a hose problem in it somewhere but i havent looked too far into it yet. I was wondering about what would be the worth of it both fixed and as is?
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B2K don't really have hose internally, so if you have a leak inside it would be one of the seal.

Do you know if there is any upgrade on it?

As it is currently look assuming a B2k with PDS and that cage on/off

Price would be worth $80 max, assuming a value of $60 for the Bushie and $20 for the asa on/off.

You can just open it up and take a look to see if any of the seal need more lube or if you have a damage oring somewhere inside.

I wouldn't buy it unless it is $50 or so, but that is only because I have other B2k already.
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theres no hose inside that gun. what you hear is the solenoid. check the how tos on setting the lpr.. basical air it up and set your HPR (itll read on the gauge) around 250. then take a coin (it fits into the slot under the barrel on the front of the lpr) and back out the lpr till its no longer flush then turn it in till the bolt cocks back and it stops leaking then go a quarter turn further in and your good to go.
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