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Think I found my favorite setup...

So, I bought a Thundercat and it just arrived before Chritmas with the intentions of using it for digitizing and that was basically it. But some of my friends showed up today for my birthday wanting to play some outlaw on the farm, and after about two hours of fixing guns and getting everyone ready we got out. Now this seems like my friends being dicks, but I rather enjoy it, and its been a long time since the game was as simple as it was. Now everyone wanted to try the falcon and all my other pumps were being fielded or were in disrepair and waiting restoring. So eventually I let it get passed around and after I ran out of 12 grams for the TPX, I decided to break out the Cat. Throughout the day(And with a little help from mid-day Margaritas.) it was made into various goofy setups, until I stumbled upon this:

I am seriously in love. I had a fifty round Winchester on it and it was just perfect. I tossed the red dot on it out of curiosity and it was dead on out of the box, just the perfect placement for slight lobbing shots.
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that does look comfortable.
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That is a sweet looking cat.
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no, seriously. That is cool. I love the tank being above the stock, but angled down out of the way.
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That does look comfy. Guess I have another reason to finally get a 45 block for my Panther.
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