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hello , my name is fattie
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anybody got some info on ally cats ?

saw some i nthe bst , thinkin bout gettin one. whats your opinions on it ?
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I have one. They're one of the best blowbacks you can get, IMHO. They operate unlike any other bb-the hammer and bolt are one piece and the valve is vertical. Instead of smacking the valve pin directly, a 45-degree shoulder on the hammer pushes the pin down as it slides by. The velocity is adjusted not only by mainspring tension, but there's also a choke screw similar to a Tippmann which you can use to fine-tune the velocity. There's also a screw to meter blowback gas so you can tune it for maximum efficiency. The quality seems much higher than most entry-level blowbacks as well.

Mine came with a eurogrip, which I had originally swapped out for a 45 frame, which ICD still has available. It's currently set up w/ a Lonestar grip. There's provision for vertical or backbottle. I have mine set up with a bottomline and expansion chamber. With a 14" DYE Ultralight, mine is one of the quietest guns I have. Even firing w/out paint it just goes 'thup'. I use it as my main loaner.

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I have a Cat and its cousin, a Puma. Both are quality construction; no slop, no loose joints or gaps, good annodizing, well balanced, etc. Mine are surprisingly accurate and, as Hurtcow said, quiet. The only issue I have had with mine is the cocking knob not staying screwed in.

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My cat is one of my best markers. (I own 9 of them). It's super accurate, small, light, and uber efficent. I have mine chronoed at 246-255 and it shoots great. I've put a Q Loader on mine because I hate how the hopper was so high. It's well balanced with a Q mounted vertically, and it keeps the marker light and no vertical profile!
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I love my cat, its cheap, very high quality, looks great and is well balanced, it can get on the nerves while you're tuning it, it took me a few games to get it tuned right, but once you get it right its an awsome marker, i also have the Q loader vertical setup, and it works well
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I recently picked one up for 25 bucks and would easily spend 100 bucks for a NIB one. Rock solid, easy to clean, accurate, and super easy to maintain.

My long term gaol is to buy one of every 'Cat' ICD made.
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i have all but the panther and bobcat and love them all. probley the best blowbacks made in my mind. i also have a dew desert fox's
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I can agree with everyone on here i got hooked using my brother inlaws and found one for myself. I have a q loader on my maker but it sits horazantal next to the marker on the rigth side. you can flip the feed neck to point down and run the hose under to the other side. boy is that thing quiet
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I just got mine a few days ago here on mcb for about 35 dollars and a lapco bigshot barrel and parts kit for another 30. All I have to power it is 12 grams, but this thing is amazing. I just have to put a spring in for the detent and it will be ready to rock. I just love the way this thing feels, and I think this will be the marker I'm taking to DDay this year for my first time there
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Alley Cat, I Like !

My first ICD marker. And probably my last.
Just picked up an Alley Cat on Ebay for 25.00 shipped.
It was leaking air out of where the foregrip should have been.
I put a foregrip on it to plug the hole and it works like a charm.
I did take it apart, the bolt needed tightening up.
It was so far forward it wouldnt let a ball drop.
So it just needed some love. I wanted a cheap marker that would use CO2 for a loaner, but I didnt want to spend 75.00 on a used Tippmann 98. I actually think this might just be a better marker.

Indian Creek Alley Cat - Free Shipping! - (eBay item 220139679559 end time Aug-19-07 09:16:46 PDT)

I dont care for the newer ICD stuff at all. Just looks cheap too me.
But I am liking this cat.

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