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Inception Frames: slider or hinge?

Replacing my ccm frame with an inception and likely doing the 86 slider. My only concern was the auto trigger. Read previously sliders sometimes causes issues with AT and was wondering if this was the case with inception as well? Which do you guys prefer between slider and hinge? All i've ever used has been hinge and mainly looking for best trigger pull and AT performance. Thanks!
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I have an inception slider 86 on my ressi, and a 45 hinge on my hornet. I like the angle on the 86 better, but honestly the hinge feels much more crisp in it's trigger break, has a very short pull, and autotriggers flawlessly. I know that's comparing a semi to a pump, but I went in really wanting a slide on the hornet, and I think it has a better feel without it.

I don't know much about inception's slider ATs, but the few sliders with ATs that I have shot from other companies seemed to be a little more finicky than their hinge trigger counter parts. The longer pull (which granted, is usually adjustable to some degree) also felt kind of weird with the AT. With a short hinge pull, the movement of the trigger back to it's reset point seemed less noticeable. The sliders I have shot had longer pulls, so it seemed to stretch out the reset a bit more, and gave it a little bit of a weird feel since it seemed that the trigger had to travel back further to reset.

None of those guns were mine, so I have no idea how much you can tune that. I would think it's fairly adjustable, but I am not sure how the AT cam interacts with the plates, so it might not have as much room to adjust as on a cocker.
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^ kinda confirms what I was thinking. I think i'll opt for the hinge version.
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