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Kidney Thief Update

I spoke with Jake the other night on the phone. I have also exchanged a few emails with him, I will fill you all in on the situation.

First off, Jake told me he felt like he has become a "Douchebag Airsmith", and is now hesitant to even log on here until he has good news.

Secondly, and more importantly: Jake is an airforce guy, and in their infinite wisdom the Airforce has loaned Jake to the Army, to escort Dignitaries about Iraq. This has caused Jake to have to attend all sorts of new training excercises, and to be away from his family and work-shop for extended periods. He is currently in training and won't be back until August 26th.

He deploys soon, and said he will ship everything out before he deploys. HIs helper Geech has also taken a job, and has been unavailable to help Jake with his workload.

He said he has a whack of stuff complete, but has been unable to attend a post-office due to hours of work.

His wife is taking his re-assignment and deployment hard, so he is trying also to spend time with her and his children.

Anyhow, not sure how much each of you is waiting on, or how thin your patience is wearing, but I suspect we will all hear from Jake upon his return from his latest training adventure, and maybe some packages will go out.
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Good to hear some news. Sucks it couldn't be good news for Jake though.

As for the "douchebag airsmith" thing, there's a certain irony to that. Personally, I'd much rather hear something from him than nothing. Just to prove he's still there...

The only time I personally get worried about an airsmith is if I don't hear anything from them.

Good luck Jake!
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**** no he can't get deployed, I finally got a Splatmaster and he needs to trick it out!
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I've met Jake a few times. He gave me a pair of socks once, so therefore he is, indeed, a good guy.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
Jake told me he felt like he has become a "Douchebag Airsmith", and is now hesitant to even log on here until he has good news.
Jake, if your not poping the collar on your skin tight pink pollo shirt and using 1/2 a bottle of hair gel before going into the shop don't worry about being a douchebag airsmith.

Just be honest, keep people informed when you can and spend time with your family while you can.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Douchebag airsmith? He gives updates when he does work and he has legitimate responsibilities in life. At least he's not tuning up some Neon.

If he sees thing, let him know I'm more than pleased with my splatmaster, people can't keep their hands off that thing.
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