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Spyder Pilot 09 bolt

I own a spyder pilot and when I remove the bolt it get all scratched up and now has scratches all over it. it is also very tough to remove and but in the bolt

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You didn't give a lot of details, but I know with most all of the Spyders that I've owned, scratches on the bolt were just something that happened as it wore in. As for the difficulty removing and putting in the bolt, is there a missing/damaged o-ring? Is there anything inside the tube that is causing binding? Have you cleaned it? Where in the process (exactly how far in or out) does it get tough?
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as soon as i lift on the bolt and begin to tak eit out i have to yank on it with quite abit of force
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.I know your problem because I did the same thing and it SUCKS. You forgot the striker buffer didn't you? With this gun its IMPERATIVE that you put it in. What happened to me was the bot pin was smashing the back of the pin slot and it began to bulge up to a point where the bolt wouldn't go back in. what you need to do is use a thin round file to sand both side of the slot.
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I forget which one is the 09 Pilot - is the feedneck secured with 2 screws, or does it thread directly into the body?

If it has the 2 screws, sometimes screws will go too deep and touch the bolt, since the holes for the screws go straight through the body wall. See if that's the problem (if that's the Pilot you have).
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