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Originally Posted by 8375955 View Post
can anybody tell me what to do to make the race way fit, what do i do w/ the gear on the bottom????

Any custom fitting will be......custom so you'd be on your own for that.
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Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
what type of piping did you use??? washing machine hose, or what??? just anything 5/8"??
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I started one like this last year (same box mag) using a DAM magazine before I moved to the usa, I brought it with me.

Tubing: buy a cheap dish washer drain hose, make sure it is the finer coil version though. Perfect think for this.

I was going to run mine from sound but changed to using an rf transmitter on every trigger pull to guarantee a push. (Using a halo B hopper).

I kept the internal flap off the air soft box mag to reduce weight on the balls, and I refill via the small rear flap slightly filled to allow a 68 ball to fit through. Filling this way is not the quickest but it keeps the aesthetic of not having a fill cap.

Finding the perfect copper elbow is the tricky part btw, not all are created equal. Lots of work to get that elbow feeding correctly without binding, sanding; filling; smoothing. Totally with it and good fun.

Here is a ref to mine if it is of any use:
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I have two brass barrels!
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Cleanest box mag build I have seen. Very nice work.
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mr5 mod

i recently put a scar stock on my mr5. all i did was dremel the sides to create like a track for it, then put a small screw in each of the the screw holes...
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Hay ya'll,
Just picked up a milsig m17 cqu and put my para pro shroud on it, I was going to convert my box mag to the milsig magazine, but my freind sclater was selling a rap4 boxmag w/ a nautulis drive for $30, so I said "hell ya!" So I have a boxmag that I need to get some use out of... Would putting a tpx zeata mag on it be good? What do you guys think?
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Dude you need to calm down... Reading this thread I got a head ache from your random banter. More box mags less bs.

PS. Starting up on my box mag soon, thank you Smiley for the plastic junction box idea. I might just use that instead of the Airsoft one that I already started cutting up.
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