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To halfback, or not to halfback? That is the question...

Pro's and con's, opinions from those who have used or do use a halfback'ed Spyder, please.

I remember making a couple halfback'ed STBB's back in like 2002. A Spyder Sonix for a friend, my BE Eradicator, a spare parts Rebel, to name a few, but it's been far too long and I was doing far too many other things to those exact markers to remember any adverse effects the halfback modification may have caused.

I want to make sure I don't do anything negative in the long run if I halfback my VS3.

How important is it to stabilize the back of the bolt during cycling?

How well do the factory tolerances stabilize the back of the bolt during cycling anyways?

I'm already going to be squaring off the front of the body to allow me to use any Spyder barrel I want, as well as use regular Spyder front blocks, instead of whatever BS body styling the VS3 has going on. So the halfback modification, itself, won't be a problem for me.

I'm doing my best to track down an Alamo City Paintball delrin bolt and striker for the VS3, which will essentially be irreplaceable if I can ever find them. I don't want to mess them up by using them in a halfback'ed VS3, if it is going to mess them up.

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I used one a few years ago, a Victor I think that they modded up. The body itself didn't seem to care that is was missing for operation. The thing is that the bolt connects to the Striker on the end so you have a large hunk of bolt exposed.

The bolt doesn't move that much so if you don't expose the o-rings on the bolt it shouldn't impact the operation. It did make it much lighter and was fun seeing the bolt fly when shooting.

I think the VS3 bolt is shorter than a standard spyder bolt so you might not have as much exposed, but the same principle would apply not to take so much out of the body to expose the bolt o-rings when cocked back.

As far as I know Alamo only made bolts and strikers for standard spyders, the VS series was it's own beast. Alamo bolts are more rare than a unicorn.

If you are not too aggressive halfing the VS3 you'll take a a good bit of weight out of it, but that's it really.
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As long as the Bolt has some kind of stability your fine. And because the bolt is pinned into the striker as long as there is at least 1/4 of the sides left you’ll be fine
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I was thinking about leaving a bobsled track for the bolt to ride in, but that isn't as clean looking as I want for this.

I'm honestly thinking about shamelessly stealing the "Swiss cheese" milling from those PPS Autocockers. It doesn't reduce weight as much as a halfback would, but it supports the bolt well. Looks really cool, as well.

I've always liked the between the tubes milling seen on some Autockers and will see if doing something similar to the VS3 is feasible. This wouldn't be possible if I halfback it, but is possible if I go with the "Swiss cheese" method.

Decisions decisions.
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