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Spyder compatibility

Are the valves of the newer electro spyders compatible with say a TL+ or Spyder SE? I was thinking It'd be kind of cool to put together a somewhat oldschool looking spyder with a newer style valve and electronic grip frame. It'd be cool to see something like that at the Spyder cup
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Are you talking about the "synergy" balanced valve or whatever it's called in the RS, VS series, and the 08s? I believe the answer is no, they are slightly different. It definitely won't work if you use a "fatty" body (original side cocking Spyders, Bob Long Millenium, etc), all the new markers are "slim". Asking on the PBN Kingmann page will get you a sure answer though.

The "traditional" Spyder valves really aren't a problem if you want to build an uber Spyder. NDZ makes a higher flowing valve that works well, you can still find Magnaports and Rocket valves around as well. Just need to find a happy balance in pressure and springing, and even old body Spyders will rip out 13bps with an electro frame.
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At least one person that I know of has a balanced valve in his MR1, which is just a classic Spyder with fancy mil-sim looks, so it shouldn't be a problem. The biggest thing would be springing it correctly, since the balanced valve is so much longer, the valve spring would be completely different.
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The valve in the 08 Pilot and Electra is compatible with the older Spyders as a drop in part.

The balance valve will require some modification and a change to a shorter striker to work.
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