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leperchaun 04-23-2011 03:32 PM

showing off KPCS work
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Well I think it is safe to say that just about anything Ken has built in the years i have know him i have bought.

This is a pre 2k cocker I had Ken do what he wanted to it so he milled a ton off of it and powder coated it white.

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Attachment 23402

Here is one of the first run ditto deuce. I knew he was making these so i told him the setup I wanted. I run two J&J edge kits and a 13cu with a flatline reg.

Attachment 23405

After my friends and I seen kens G10 cocker we had to have one. So we order 3 this is the one i ended up with. Ken made the feed block, back block and the asa and pump guide. I then added a ccm carbon fiber pump handle and a female palmer reg.

Attachment 23410

This is a pneumatic assisted sterling. I have surprised many people with the rate of fire I can get with it.

Attachment 23414
Attachment 23415

This is the copper cricket scout that he made for cricket. I got bought it when cricket was getting out of paintball. It has internal air passages and a custom built in palmer reg in the pump handle. I am getting 40+ shots out of a 12gr. I have 2 barrel tips for the edge kit that match the gun.

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Attachment 23407

This is the first Ma-Deuce-A 2 he did. I had own the original Ma-Deuce-A and traded him for this version.

Attachment 23411
Attachment 23412

Here is a PMI piranha that ken had milled and powder coated i believe it was for crickets wife. It is purple to blue back to purple fade with a matalic flake in it.

Attachment 23416

Attachment 23417

Well these are just the custom guns i have acquired from Ken, the pic i took dont do them justice but i do not have a good camera. I have also bought several other guns from Ken AGD sydarm, kp2, carter, pump automag and one other custom cocker body he milled and power coated. I am sure i forgot something.

Lets see what ken has done for you post up some pics.

Bartman 04-23-2011 06:04 PM

He made me a custom CF Sovereign body I don't have pic's but you don't either.

Ken dose do excellent work


splattttttt 04-23-2011 06:15 PM

There was Amber...

leperchaun 04-24-2011 08:52 PM

there see i think i got it right this time


Mayvik 04-25-2011 06:33 PM

I guess you could say I'm a fan...

Family Photo:

First run (#1?) Ditto Deuce, was blue but Ken did it up in black wrinkle for me.

Riptide Ma-Deuce-A-II, only one I know of out there. Also has a pump kit (you can see it in Ken's MDA gallery), but currently mech with full CCM pneumatics and sexy 1 off Robertsr "lung cancer special" grips.

Scout, 1 of 2 direct-feed/rock back convertible (accepts Phantom feeds)

splattttttt 04-25-2011 07:20 PM

I remember when Ken was looking for a groovy grip frame for that Scout. Turned out awesome.

dundadun 04-25-2011 08:51 PM

pic from the previous owner

it looks a bit different right now. Just need to get a more consistent fps going, but it was very fun to play with.

Triemferent 04-25-2011 11:45 PM

if only I could convince him to make a scout for me, i can die happy

KPCS 04-26-2011 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by Triemferent (Post 1805435)

if only I could convince him to make a scout for me, i can die happy

Just sold 2 Scouts last month.

Ken W

MrBig 04-26-2011 09:13 PM

My KPCS Family

Top: Ma-Deuce-A II
Middle: Scout
Bottom: Ditto Deuce

I am waiting on some nice custom grips for the Scout and Ma-Deuce-A from Robertsr. Also I now have a stainless Freak back for the Scout.

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