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Ran out of characters.
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Graff is supposed to be fat, too.

Days later edit- And on a different note:
Originally Posted by Painthappy
Somethang straight-up wrong.. well, went wrong. Us thugs will now sack dem involved.
How to get around UPS fees

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Just got back from seeing it in IMax.

It was actually pretty great, and way, waaay better than I expected. It didn't mess up the plot of the book in any offensive way and I was surprised at some of the things they kept in there. The acting is probably the best part of the move, especially from the main kid, and Harrison Ford is in full-on Cowboys and Aliens grouchy Harrison Ford mode. I've you've already seen Gravity I'd recommend it.

Anyone else seen it?
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Just saw it this evening. Good, not great, I didn't think.

<<spoilers below the comic>>

I think Bean got short shrift, and lack of Lock and Demosthenes, while clearly the obvious thing to cut, I think detracts in a pretty major way. I also think they should have shown more the Dragon's development rather than kind of montaging it and jumping right to the "cheating" battle.
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Bonzo was great!
Face Tattoo was a hint towards the sequel.

Watch it and find out.
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