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Kindle paperwhite case?

I'm looking to find a fairly nice, flat case for the kindle paperwhite since I started bringing it to work and don't want it to get messed up and beat to hell.
Can anyone suggest a fairly nice case for less than the official 40 dollar one on amazon, albeit that case is exactly what I want, but it's hard to justify spending 40 bucks on a clamshell of leather just becuase it's "their" brand.

On a side note, this thing is really awesome. I guess I'm just used to the colorful glossy type touch screens on stuff today, but there is just something almost eerie about this thing how it just prints and image on the screen and is esentially "off" when you aren't turning pages. It's like a glow in the dark book.

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I went ahead and bought the official Kindle one from Best Buy. I think it was on sale when I bought it, but it is a good sturdy leather case. And it turns the Kindle on/off when you flip the cover open/closed. I looked for cheaper cases as well and found a few, but none felt as sturdy and well made as the one from Amazon.

You may check out this one though:
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I bought a case for my Kindle and found I didn't really like using it while in there. Its just more comfortable for me to read holding just the Kindle.

So, I gave the case to my mom and use a padded mailing envelope when I need to transport or store my Kindle. Any that fit a DVD should fit a Kindle.
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