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Kindle is more expensive than paperback?

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So what's the point of cheap electronic format if it's going to cost me more? I pay for the device... It costs them next to nothing to deliver it and store it vs. warehousing and inventorying a book and then paying someone to grab it and ship it to me for free second day air...

Looks like the consumer is the one getting screwed here.
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Yeah I was an early adopter of ebooks and that has been the case more often than not there have also been ebooks that aren't released until long after the paperbook. It's kind of a strange strategy with the pricing when I can literally download the entire New York Times bestseller list for free should I be so inclined.
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Because people don't want to be inconvenienced by actually owning a book and turning pages
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Digital comics and physical comics cost the same so I always buy the physical copy since they often come with a digital copy as well. then I get my digital copy for the convenience to read on the run, it fits in my pocket and I can carry lots at once. A physical copy can hold its value with the potential to become a collectable but since you cant transfer digital copies they have no value once purchased.
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For me I like my Kindle not because of necessarily cost savings but for convenience. I travel a fair amount and my favorite pastime is reading so with a Kindle I can carry pretty much my whole collection with me and to get a new book I just need Wifi access.

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What book is this? I have never seen a book available for my kindle that was not at least 15% cheaper than a paperback.
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It's all about the deal that the author's agent made with the publisher that made the deal with Amazon. Nothing in the book publishing industry makes sense.
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The whole 'Digital media will be cheaper!' thing was a lie across the board from day one anyways. Ebooks are not alone in this.
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I'm pretty sure Publishers have never liked nor wanted ebooks, a lot of authors, including a few I quite respect have been old stodgy dinosaurs about ebooks from day one.

I've found that often ebooks are cheaper than the hardcover new releases, but they never get a price adjustment when the dead tree version goes paperback. because, to be honest, they don't want them to be anyway. because ebooks are so easy to of course what happens is when you intentionally make something cost prohibitive, people end up pirating it anyway, more so, I'd wager. my experience has largely been that if you make something digitally available at a good price, and easy to buy, then especially bibliophiles will be more than happy to pay for it. me I usually buy dead tree books, and I "acquire" the digital version for my nook
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I think most libraries are on the "Overdrive" network, allowing them to "lend" you EBooks, and AudioBooks for free. You just download them, and delete them when you are done.

I've got 100's of audiobooks from the local library, and have not set foot in there in probobly 10 years! lol

Carter, your "Whipple" Library is on Overdrive, you should be able to get most any EBook, or Audiobook for free.

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