Living Legends 5 Living Legends at CPX - 2012

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With all the Chaos... :/ I missed a number of people to meet... Next time?
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Needs more time...
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It was great seeing all the Hawaiian shirts in play for this event. Although I had an absolute blast I agree that we should do an MCB get together next year. Maybe even put together an MCB squad and really wreak some havoc.

I spent the whole time as a medic, so I set my S6.5 as a sort of PDW with a 13 3K and a pocket hopper. I barely shot a case the whole weekend, but I sure used my pen a lot.

There were some very memorable moments for sure. My unit "The Praetorian Guard" had no real leadership so I would basically post up with the furthest blue unit I could find and keep them alive as long as possible. I ended up in Meridia supporting a "button push" mission with 7 other guys. Two were also medics and one was prettylou (our general). It was like being in a hailstorm when 40 or so red team tried to take us out. Never seen anything like it. The other medics and I took turns leaping over barricades to save our guys and laying next to Lou while he got shot over and over. At one point I looked over at one of the other medics who is laying down in a provocative position trying not to gt hit. He looks t me and says "Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack." I about laughed my *** off. Eventually, the barrels I was behind took a rocket which sucked cuz it killed me and 2 other guys.

Also, blue's "broken arrow" was pretty epic. I was with the first group to bust into Bedlam on that insert. About 8 of us made it ino th corner building and pissed some serious bad news down on red from there. Since I wa a medic we held on until the bitter end. It was fantastic! My total "save" count was 51 for Saturday and 52 for Sunday. I definitely want to medic again next year, it was challenging and rewarding and crazy and super fun.

It was a great event and I can hardly wait for next year - except I feel like I was run over by a truck. I made every insertion for the entire time both days and boy can I feel it today... Ouch.
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Extra bonus that you get spattered with brains. Extra man points if you later get hot hot sexxings from Cat while still covered in porcupine brains.
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Playing on the third team (Rippers) was so much fun. It pretty much gave me and the others carte blanche to do my favorite thing, be sneaky and mess with people while causing general chaos. Most of my day consisted of walking around the field completely surrounded by enemy and acting like I belonged there until finding a weakness to exploit. Several occasions where I completely blew out pockets of the front lines by sniping players from the side or back while they were fixated on the other team or other rippers and then killing the people that filled in for them again and again until people figured out what was happening. I was racking up barrel tags like nobody's business, usually 6 to 10 at a time, repeated this over and over throughout the day, I lost count but I must have racked up 30 to 40, or maybe more. I knew we were doing well when we were hearing that both the other teams hated us.

I'm def down for an MCB get together next year. There were a lot of us and I didn't meet everyone. The best part of LL is getting to hang with all my far away "internet friends" and it'd be better if that was more organized and less hectic.

Also disappointed in the lack of sweet vendor t-shirts, I went home with way more last year. Bring back the funny shirts like 250cal and such. The wacky waving arm guys must have been on sale, trying to convince Carter to blow some membership money on one for MCB

Big thanks to the techs at Empire/Kee, my personal Prophecy Z2 has been a lemon from day one, which really sucks because it's generally an awesome hopper, but those guys bent over backwards and replaced pretty much everything they could in it and dealt with me pestering them like an irate badger all weekend, and they had a ton on their plate.

I played through a cold and heat stroke despite hydrating, I'm sore everywhere, covered in welts and can barley speak. It was a blast.

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Played on the Blue team, New Empire. I had a blast and it was fun meeting you all.

Good to see Mel and Rod too

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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
I have to say that MCBers multihandedly(is that a word even?) saved what otherwise would've been a disaster of a trip. All I wanted to do was go play a game against my friend Angel, the rest was going to just be gravy. Not to win or lose, but to play and have fun. I live an hour from HS and have a scenario or big game right there every month from may to september.
Having 3 of the first 8 shots i fired break in the gun was NOT what I drove 6 hours for. RPS's fault and not CPX's fault but there it is.
However getting to visit with so many of you and put faces to names WAS in the end worth the trip and I'll be at that meetup next year!

Did you purchase your paint on friday Rob?

Yes the paint was GOD AWFUL, all of my guns broke paint like crazy the first games I played in Saturday revolved around me shooting 8 rounds having paint break then swabbing it out - followed by more breaks and just calling myself out to go back to the staging area to clean out paint in my feedneck, eyes, and barrel. I was shooting an A1 Fly which has never chopped or broke evil that I've shot through it before. I finally went up and complained to viper and cpx as I paid 80 bucks for crap, and they right away said sure we are out of marbs but you can trade it for "good" evil that didn't have any problems (props to CPX for making the trade easy). Luckily that evil ended up working great and wasnt chopping.
I remember friday for the pistol/pump games I actually had paint coming out of my trigger and down the bottom of the magazine slot of my T8.1, it was just that bad of paint.
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I'm down for an MCB get together. I was the guy with the red hair and hello kitty. To actually respond to the og post, one of the great moments for me was having a ref come over during the pump game to make sure I was shooting a pump, and then the second ref coming to check it out after... Never knew a flat black no whistles T2 would get me so much attention at a game.

The other thing I have to point out is that the reffing was amazingly awesome. Absolutely brilliant actually.
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Jesus there were a lot of you guys there that I didn't manage to run into!

Met up with Grimace, BigBalla, Chris Nathan, AgentSmith, Midnight, briefly said hi to Weltman, but that was pretty much it, wound up too wrapped up in the command jibberjabber.

By now I'm sure everyone's heard about the drama involving the score- I'm not going to comment for now but I will say that there's more to the story and we're still working at figuring out exactly what the heck went down there.

Regardless of a win or loss and the ensuing reversal (which really sucked), I had a great time playing the game and inadvertently becoming the talk of the final battle of going right over the hyperpipe by the center flip stick.... I don't want to ruin an epic action shot by saying it was on accident, but it's the truth. Meant to just bump up against it to get what I thought was one or two guys who kept reaching up to flip the stick.... Found about 30 guys kneeling there, couldn't stop my own momentum, and went right the hell over it. Sorry to anyone I landed on!!!!
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Was that one of the three times that the game was stopped?
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No, actually, after I managed to right myself I got right up and ran out the side. Play never stopped because of me... Won't be trying that again anytime soon though lol.
Jay AKA Rogue Reservoir Dogs Scenario Paintball Team- Our $#&* is RIGOROUS!
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yes what ended up happening? i know a ref got a paintball up under his mask while standing on the hill he was fine. was everybody else alright?
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